My Troubled Sex Life

A guy goes to the doctor and says, "I have this problem with my sex life."

The doctor asks, "Can you describe the problem?"

"Well... I wake up in the morning and shag my wife, then I have a shower and a shave and I shag her again. I have my breakfast and shag her again on the table, then I get a blow job from her before I leave for work."

"Okay..." the doctor replies.

"I haven't finished yet. I get to work and shag my secretary in my coffee break. At lunch-time I go to see my mistress and shag her a couple of times. I get back to work and shag my secretary again in the afternoon tea-break."


"Excuse me, I still haven't finished. After work, I see my mistress again on the way home and shag her. Then I get home and shag the wife. I have my dinner and shag her again, then we go to bed and shag a couple of times before going to sleep."

"Well, I don't see what the problem is..."

The guy says, "It hurts when I wank."

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