My trip to the loony bin!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 2/51, Jun 10, 2013.

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  1. When I say Loony Bin, I am ofcourse referring to the local paintball/airsoft "playground".

    My daughter went on a trip with her church group (even the vicar turned up in cammo and dog collar) and on turning up we were confronted by what I can only describe as a bunch of cnuts!

    I get the whole idea of wearing cammo, I can live, just about, with a team of the airsofters wearing full MTP including TRFs etc but what I found very disturbing was the amount of them wearing knives.

    One team was dressed up like a British Armed Reaction Police team, wearing full Police riot gear, ballistic shields and badges with a knife worn upsidedown, molled to the back of their "assault" vests.

    Besides the loonies, she had a great time and wants to go back! She is not a fat biffer, so a career in the RLC seems unlikely, but I may steer her towards CMT ;)
  2. Hold on, 'Church Group and Guns'?? Maybe the others were all tooled up cos they didn't want another Waco on their hands!
  3. Piccies of your daughter?
  4. "Onward Christian soldiers...."
  5. Ok, ok..I should have realised as this is the NAAFI...but....she is no pictures
  6. ".........Step short the leading three"
  7. I always find it better to be gender non-specific. If you'd said son, you'd have had Jarrod asking for photos.
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  8. You are being too cruel about the airsoft/paintball brigade. I went on one with my eldest and the 'enemy leader' dressed in full kit got a paintball on the cheek and howled for about four hours - as he was better equiped than a soldier in a PB i asked him 'with all that kit have you served ' - no he replied - "i'm in the TA"

    True dit.
  9. The one time that I went paintballing everyone had to wear blue overalls.
    We looked like slightly irate plumbers as we went "over the top".

    Mind you, seeing about £150 worth of Dulux's finest flying through the air when the first game started was a sight to behold.
  10. I don't see the problem with them myself. If they want to pretend they're super soldiers fighting the Taliban or the Nazis while spending ridiculous amounts of money on kit then let them crack on.

    As long as they don't mind me rocking up and living out my Vietnam War fantasies. At the end of the day I'll have raped Jenny from accounts, have a mess tin full of ears and fond memories of holding a weapon to a child's head as I scream "I Kakka Dow VC!" At it's tearful and bewildered parents.

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  11. I'm not some sort of pervert. I meant piccies of the day out and the super troopers in their coppers riot gear and all that.
  12. I also support their right to spend an absolute fortune on kit, jst so long as they are spending it with me.

    I have just paid for a fortnight in Cuba thanks to them and I have my eye on a new motorbike.

    Knives you say? There must be profit to be made there...
  13. Bad show, letting the side down like that.
  14. Forget the guns and airsofters, I'd be more worried about her mixing with sky-fairy fantasists
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  15. I'm no expert (honest) but odds are the knives are rubber.