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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by theslayerofmen, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. Just spent the night in France (where I work) and 'popped out' for a few light ales. Managed to get rather p***ed and on my 'wanderings' adopted a tramp. Now it's not a particularly exotic place (where I am) but I didn't expect to find a Mancurian Vagrant on my Sunday eve wanderings. Took said vagrant to a bar, and bought him a drink (or two). Anyway, thought I was doing my 'bit', but the ungrateful bas*ard downed his beer in one, demanded further beverages (quote...."you brought me in here, what did you think i'd do; i'm a vagrant.....vagrants drink") and then proceeded to kick off, get thrown out and get me thrown out too. Que; on the street .....quote (from vagrant)..."what did you do that for, I was enjoying my pint"). Is it me, or is "charity" for the weak?
  2. If you wanted company you could have just used an escort agency. Did the tramp Put Out?
  3. no, apparently he didn't 'do charity'.
  4. Makes me think of something that happened to my godfather, actually quite a while ago. He lived by St. George's Circus in Southwark, and tramps used to hang about there. One Christmas day, he looked out of the window and noticed one bloke he'd seen a few times and appeared to be harmless enough sitting on his own in the cold, so after a consultation with the missus he went down to offer him in for Christams dinner. What did he get in return? "F**k off you old b*st*rd! Charming.
    Easy to say stuff em all, but just yesterday on my way back from the shops I found a homeless half gippo sprawled on his back in the road by our bins, clearly p*ssed senseless, but then again you never know if that is the root cause of the problem, and asking to be run over or cause an accident. I should add I live in central Europe. I had to get a neighbour to phone an ambulance as the locals simply don't give a damn. My take is, a person is a person, no matter what, and if they are in bother you help them out. But, yes, there are limits.
  5. He cant have been a proper card-carrying tramp then. I've yet to meet a gentleman off the road who won't drain your spuds whilst massaging your prostate, in exchange for a can of Tennents Super.
  6. it's not the fact that he was a tramp that bothers me.....he was MANCURIAN!

    Anyway, my point is things must be bad if a vagrant doesn't want to drink with me.
  7. Sandman,

    I'd have expected a reach around at the least. Beer's are nearly six euro where i was.
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    What the hell is a MANCURIAN, wheres Mancuria?
  9. why has my post appeared three times? oh god, i want to go home.
  10. Mancurian; singular adjective of an individual that originates from the part of the known world called 'Manchester'. Incidentley he was a 'Bez' lookalike. In fact he may well have been 'Bez'.
  11. twice?????? what is happening. oh, by the way, was that a WAH??
  12. Western Europe, they will be joining the EU in 7 years time. Unfortuatly the Poles have cornered the market on plumbing and building, the Albanians have the crime market so being a tramp on the streets of Paris is all that's left for them to do.
  13. when you post just hit the submit button once, and then you may have to wait for a few seconds thats all
  14. You mean 'Mancunian'? He may not have been a vagrant, just your average manc on a night out.
  15. Perhaps he meant Manchurian. Did he look anything like this?