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  1. Hello everybody,
    I was hoping that somebody might be able to help me out, i'm looking for some advice, I have a friend that recently went to the carrers office to see about joining and was told that he could not due to missing his big toe, he got it caught and had to get it amputed around 4 months ago, this although causes him no adverse side effects he's in no pain with it and it has not affected his balance, I thought this was strange as he never had a medical or anything else, any guidance on this matter would be gratefully appericated, thanks in advance
  2. Whether you or he believes it or not, he is affected by it - although not so extreme it is similar to removing a thumb from a hand, it's a key biomechanical aspect.
  3. That was not really the answer I was looking for, what I was asking was, would this be grounds for being refused entry to the army, espically without going to a med centre, and yes this might be a key biomechanical part of the body and no it's nothing like losing a thumb, the last time we used are feet in the sense you are trying to convy is when we used to swing from tree's !!
  4. Try looking in the JSP 346 thread.
  5. Your mate should try asking at a different ACIO, as the answer this one gave is against what you thought, and is obviously wrong.
  6. Answer = yes. To save you looking at JSP 346 I'll tell you from memory that complete loss of either big toe is an automatic P8, so thank you and goodbye. Losing a big toe does tend to limit the ability to stand on small ledges, cross obstacle courses etc...
  7. Big toes contribute largely to maintaining one's balance. If he has poor balance, he certainly can't be a soldier.
  8. As I said, not as extreme as in relation to a thumb, but in regards to it's own usage for balance, control etc it is in the same vain. Whether he seems normal or not means nothing, without a big toe he is heavily impared.
    Also, as the others have ponted out, you got the word from the ACIO - that is the bottom line. Why you felt the need to try disregard and backdooring it through here is highly amusing if anything. Felt he was being discriminating to your toeless friend? Was he being a nasty man? :(
  9. no matter how much you ask on here the answer you receive will be the same, Even if he is a tight rope walker the army wont take him as as far as the rules go he is unfit for service.
  10. Thank you people for the answers, thats what I was looking for.
  11. Last time I checked, losing a big toe doesn't constitute getting your "friend" to ask questions for you either...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.