My "Time to boycott Harrods?" thread - gone - why?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bravo_Bravo, May 22, 2007.

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  1. An explanation would be good form, Mods.
  2. For those of us who didn't see it - Why did you want it boycotted?
  3. Harrods does not allow entry to people in the uniform of HM Armed Services.
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    On the documentary last night about "Abandoned Soldiers" in which ex-members of our armed forces who have been injured did a mission to raise a plinth and statue to those who have been left to rot by the MOD, some of the men, in uniform, were barred from entering Harrods due to their policy of refusing to allow uniformed soldiers to shop there. This policy is in place in case if 'offends' or 'frightens' their shoppers.

    Because of this policy, and the lunacy of their boss, I'm more than happy to boycott them.

    As to the reason why the thread was zapped, one might be because you failed to explain your reasoning for the request to boycott.
  5. When the Hell did we become a Service instead of a Force???
  6. I like the way the spokesman said that we might be mistaken for staff and asked the way to the bogs! Mmmmmmm now wouldnt that be an absolute disaster :?
  7. What one of his blogs are we leaving personal messages in??

    Hopefully we can all leave them in the same box
  8. If they are banning soldiers in uniform then I'll no longer visit. If 6000 vegetarians can turn round a Mars decision, what will 100,000 serving men an women do? :)

    Here's the link to their 'contact us' form :

    I would suggest using the Customer Services Dept as the point of contact.
    I would suggest you keep it polite but to the point. Perhaps we can get some media coverage?

    P.S. Those tempted to try their Angus Steak burgers in store...don't.
  9. Form filled out and sent.

    I believe that this thread is worthy of bumping.


    Bravo - many thanks for the heads up.
  10. Form sent - Bump.
  11. Posting a reason why that post suddenly appeared and a reference why would have been good form too.

    Doesn't really say a great deal does it.

    Inane comments then followed on the thread which, in view of Al-Fayed's fondness of high-priced silks when his reputation is called into question were really not suitable.

    Once again as I stated previously, please keep responses or queries to Harrods' store policy both on this thread and to Harrods regarding servicemen in uniform , lucid and polite.

    Please also remember , though this uniform policy seems to exist, that Al-Fayed is a supporter of the Armed Forces at large, when many other household names are not. Please do not respond in such a manner as to harm that support , especially for our people in far-flung places.

    This is a copy of a letter received on the last occasion this topic was brought up.

  12. do we get paid enough to contemplate even spending our cash in that hole
  13. umm...What, like ask people in uniform more kindly to leave?

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