My TA experience so far has been a farse!!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by lab_bird, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. I first approached my nearest TA field hospital last September after being talked into joining the RAMC by a member of the TA on a recruitment drive. The whole process since then has been a farse. I would have to write an entire essay to cover everything, but to sum things up I have been messed around, given conflicting information and am wondering whether the whole TA thing is really worth all this grief and frustration. I feel embarrassed when my colleagues and family ask me how things are going, because my story changes from week to week. The people within the unit are really nice, but their organisation and communication doesn't instill confidence!! I think I know what I'm doing, then someone tells me something completely different. Every new recruit within the unit has numerous complaints.
    Can anyone settle a couple of questions for me as I'm so confused.
    As a fully qualified state registered Biomedical Scientist in one of the largest hospitals in the country, am I eligible to apply for a commission straight away or do I have to complete the non-commission training first? I have been qualified for 6 years.
    Is the training route the same in an Independent unit as opposed to a Specialist unit?
  2. I don't know the answer to your question, but I would suggest you copy your post to the Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC forum, with a revised title. They might have the answer.
  3. The reason we do this is as a form of selection to see if you can endure military management!!
    In fairness sometimes it can look a complete arse, but stick with it and make your judgement after giving it a year in post. Also it may just be that unit, so if your not happy go to another one. A lot depends on PSIs, I've seen a good unit turned bad by incoming PSIs, then 2 years later turned round again by decent ones. Happily now that a PSI post is seen as a route to promotion rather than a punishment or somewhere to send people ready fro a pension the quality has improved enormously, but inevitably you still get some dicks messing it up.

    They are probably more used to dealing with issues like this from doctors or nurses where the answer is more straightforward. You could always do something completely different to your day job, that might be more fun. there is a recuit in my unit at the mo with a PHD in something weirdly biological who wouldn't have a commission if you threw it at her. TA officer is not all it's cacked up to be (read the other posts on this forum) you may get better opportunities as an OR

    you might be better putting your question on the bit of the forum for PQOs in the forum (Professionally Qualified Officers)
  4. Don't give up so soon.

    To come into the world of the TA (or the Army in general, for that matter) can be a severe culture shock after being in the (presumably) well-ordered environment of a hospital. Because the Army has to cater for a much wider variety of possible events, more extensive (and apparently long-winded or futile) procedures have to be adopted. This isn't readily apparent during routine training, hence the much used phrase, "What's the point of doing it this way, it would be easier if...."

    The TA has the added complication that it's soldiers not only come from varied backgrounds (this can be trained out), but also the soldiers develop in their civilian careers as well as in their military ones. While this isn't much of an issue in the Inf units, those units whose personnel have specialist qualifications have problems translating them to the military system. In my unit, we have a soldier who has higher professional qualifications in that particular field than just about anybody in the Army, but the trade translation rank-caps her at Sgt, so her quest for a commission has been halted. Conversely, we've had people who have been very highly qualified and have been head-hunted for commissions, but have refused on the grounds that "I joined the TA for a change. If I wanted to do the same thing, I'd have just worked overtime."

    This doesn't answer your question - it's beyond my knowledge - but hopefully it will help to assure you that it's probably neither incompetence nor personality that's causing problems. Bear with it, it will get better.
  5. Shame

    ..and to think that in a year or so you can volunteer to be mobilised and serve alongside your regular counterparts.....
  6. ....................................... i should be able to spell the word "farce" :scratch:

    Welcome to the world of the MoD..
  7. Is the TA a farce?

    The acid test for this is to check whether anyone has been found standing in cupboards sans trousers or even better in compromising positions with scantily clad members of the opposite sex (or Bishops of the same!). If this has been the case during any visit to the TAC then there is some possibility that indeed your experience has been a farce. Is it possible that you have mistakenly, but with good intentions, entered the Whitehall Theatre (the home of British farce) thinking that it was the same Whitehall what is where the MOD live? If this is the case then indeed what you have experienced will most definitely be a farce!

    If this is not the case, welcome to the British Army in general and the TA in particular. Stick it out, laugh at the funny bits, look serious and learned at the serious bits and it will all pan out (well, that's what I was told when I joined recently and I believe every word I'm told).

    Hope it settles down soon,

  8. I don't think the Army or TA is a farce, a bit mad yes, not a farce.

    I grew up with the Army all around me and serve in the army; my brief encounter in that world called civ div was a rude awakening...... civvy life is luxury but honestly sad.....

    Stick with it and after a year or two all will look different!
  9. I'm Just shocked that someone who worked for the NHS thinks the Army/TA is a farce.......
    After dealing with the NHS and most of my family and my wife working for them (Not now all left ,it was That bad!)....Now I know the true meaning of the word FARCE...the poor management and waste that goes on in a day to day basis!

    As a serving member in The TA and a local council worker, proof be told the old Army dont do such a bad job, I was able to carry man management skills and problem solving abillity back to my civi job and gain advancement.

    Give it a chance.
    think of all the chances to get abroad....A Wee country in the Gulf and further East..
    dont forget the Extra Cash...

    I love it....
  10. Well im happy to second her post, the recruitment process needs to be looked at. Yes civillians need to ajust to military life. But as my civillian job also has a similar recruitment process im sure if I was messed about in such a way I would not have continued in my current career path.

    TA Recruitment is outdated. And we wonder why numbers are dwelling? It may have been alright in the old days, but I honestly think we need to get it sorted. My initial training took over a year, and my TA CSMR, well...
  11. Unfortunatly all big government run organisations are going to have their problems, the NHS is a prime example, lack of money, lack of support, same with the forces from what I can gather, I am an NHS student and have been messed around more times than I care to remember, try living without the student bursery u r entitled to for 6 months!!
    I have just joined the TA, the unit I have joined seem to be moving me a long the process rather well, but everywhere is different!
    stick with it and try talking to someone in authority for clarification of what u need to do to further ur career within the TA, then u can be a little more certain the advice is genuine!
  12. I've been in for a little over a year now and I'm still messing about with paper and not knowing what's going on. I've just had a phone call saying my CIC has been cancelled and I'm meant to be going Saturday!

    Welcome to the Army :eye:
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