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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Matt007, Jan 16, 2010.

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  1. Well itsbeen a while since i posted here although i read the forums alot :) Originally i started out as RSIGs and completed upto weekend 4 of Phase 1, weekend 5 i had to miss for personal reasons. Well it transpired that the whole training system changed the weekend i missed and in order to carry on with the "old program" i would have had to do that weekend. So when i attended next time and said weekend 5, the staff told me i was on 6 so i didnt question it as i was given the explanation "it will be ok" anyway long story short it all got messed up and ive been told to do all the weekends again :omfg:

    In the mean time i had problems at work and my unit was disbanded and replaced by the Royal Engineers, i got rebadged last wednesday :)

    The upshot of all this is im booked on the 9 day consolidated course in february at Strensall so no waiting for all the weekends, i can hopefully do CMSR in march and all those that transfered to the engineers from my squadron are doing there trade course in april. So if i play my cards right i could be trade trained by june :) (fitness permitting ;) )
  2. Keep going Matt, you've nearly bored my cancer into remission.
  3. Really, didnt realise my posts had cancer curing qualities... better start typing up some more ;)