My stockroom manager has no arm..

Mr_Deputy said:
Miner said:
I love the way she's asian, with a white false arm.
Not even a cardigan is going to cover that fact up.
Asian? She is called Miss Dean not Ms Diniwazi. She'st got a whole load of fake tan / camo paint on. She needs to cam the arm as well.
I figured with a first name of Riam & the fact there is a definate dusky tan there that hasn't come from a bottle or sunbathing, she's definately ethnic.


Book Reviewer
How does she feel?

Aaah, my taxi.
Biped said:
How does she feel?

All right according to the photograph :wink:

care to go halfers on that cab!

Aaah, my taxi.
well it isn't like the shop gave her the elbow.....

is there a spare seat in that taxi?
Someone has to shoulder the blame for this....
The complany lawyers should have seen this coming, forewarned is forearmed, as they say......
I undestand she was discipined, but only got a slap on the wrist.


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but how does she smell? :(
Is she looking for a job, or just a handout?


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maguire said:
but how does she smell? :(
Like she's got the 'clap' . . . . . oh, she can't.

Is that a bus taking people away?
I'd do it though.


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If she reads this, what's she going to think of the army?
rather handy being a law student and all..........
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