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Just for the record Augustus and others I am not someone who was impressed with "Irish Headdress" and his posts. I hardly ever responded to any that he made. All I was suggesting was that I felt it was time to leave him be, and now I get accused of being a Walt.

PM me if you want my service history, name rank etc. I cannot believe how the mob has turned on me just for suggesting that we leave the guy alone.

Augustus if you bother to read my posts I've never walted about anything so to suggest that "Irish Headdress" and me are one and the same has really boiled my p***

I am soft like I have said and I've never liked to see ganging up on people whatever they have done. The bloke is a liar and a walt - job done.

Sorry to ramble on but I would hate to think that whenever I posted something people thought that it was "him" writing under another name.

enough of this subject. get over it and move on. any more threads on this won't get a polite comment. mk
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