My Sons applied.

Discussion in 'REME' started by TotalWar, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. Hello.
    Yesterday my 17 1/2 year old son handed in his application forms to the AFCO. He has put down his choice of trade as REME mechanic.
    Hes got the necessary grades at GCSE.

    He did originally say he wanted to go in as a driver in the RLC, but after much discussion and reading the brochures etc he changed his mind. Now he is showing total commitment to joining the REME. Im delighted.

    My late Father was a captain in the REME just after the war, so its in the family.

    Do any of you have any words of advice, or information that you could give him. The info in the brochures is pretty sketchy.

    ps. I was in the RAF, and am currently in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force.

  2. If he can stick the fukaround factor of Bordon, which IMO is being run very badly at the moment, then he'll be fine when he gets to a unit.
  3. Dont be too hasty yet with his decision, wait till he's done the BARB test and has been found medical suitable from his RG8 health questionairre. This should take a couple of months then he will get a chat about all the jobs he's able to do on his job brief where he can pick three jobs in priority order from the results of his BARB and MAQs. He wants to pick one of the job preferences so maybe RLC driver (a job he might like doing bt doesnt require as high results) as his third choice as trade related jobs require them to do a TST (maths an science test) at the ADSC selection(TST for VM is 16).
    Theres plenty of time for him to consider all the options and the pace f the application is up to him and how much he listens to the Recruiter. Get him to sort his fitness, motivation and confidence out and fingers crossed h has no problems on his medical side. All this will be explained by his recruiter and have a look on the training wing forumn for additional comments about the ADSC and the application process.

    Once he is found medical suitable to carry on through the process ask the recruiter if theres any look at life courses available with the REME, if not ask if they do any Pre-ADSC courses(very beneficial and shows his strong and weak points).
  4. thanks for the replies.
    Is ADSC the selection centre, like Sutton Coldfield used to be(I went there for selection to be a tank driver in 1982, failed on eyesight)

    Do you know if colour blindness or dyslexia would be an issue for REME mech.

    thanks again
  5. Army Development Selecection Centre where they do the 2 day recruit selection dependant on where the ACIO is. Either Pirbright, Lichfield, Glencourse or Ballymena, exactly how the sutton Coldfield one as, i went in 1987. Recruiters will explain in slower time so listen to them. If your lad got GCSE grade D's or above in Maths, English Language and science I wouldnt think his dyslexia is much of a problem. I did have a couple of VMs go in with some degree of colour blindness but it depends what standard of colour perception is on the medical at ADSC. As said look at training wing forumn and get as much info off the Recruiter.
  6. If he's keen on VM, then go for it... being a Reccy Mech myself, lol, recieving no end of banter from the spanner w*nkers is all good... :)
  7. There may be an issue with colour blindness depending on how bad it is? Especially if he can't see the colour green very well ;)
  8. He's got his BARB test tomorrow. He's just been through the practice book.
  9. He scored 59 on the BARB. Then got level 3 on the literacy test, and level 1 on the numeracy test.

    So, those scores are good enough.

    Hes got the Med form, and has filled that in. Just needs to drop it off at the GPs today. Hopefully they will fill it out pretty quickly.
    The AFCO wanted him to do his interview this week, but that seems unlikely, as theyll have to get the med form back first I would imagine.

    He has to choose 3 trades. So REME veh Mech, and RLC driver and one other.

    thanks for the support.
  10. He has decided that one of his choices is going to be Armourer.
    So Veh Mech, Armourer and RLC driver.
    Apparently he needs to phone the AFCO todaqy to let them know his choices so they can prep for his interview.

    So he needs to prep, hes currently looking for lots of info on the 3 trades, has anyone got a good web address for info to help him out please?

    many thanks
  11. thanks
    yes, Hes been looking at the REME website, but wanted some other info if available. He's also scoured Google.

    I just want to help him to be fully prepared, and where better to get info from, than on the the REME section of ARRSE. :D
  12. I'd tell him not to worry. I rocked up knowing I wanted to join the Army, and get a trade. Shown the usual bumf then decided what I wanted to do. No real research done by me.
  13. He will get written job briefs on the three jobs at the job brief to read about prior to the interview and then get asked what each job entails, where he's going at each stage, how long for and what he will be doing at each stage. Once he's got the job briefs off his Recruiter if theres any specific questions he wants answering pm me or put them on the threads in here or training wing.
  14. totally agree with this...
    and basic training if he gets through thats he'l b sound