My Son has been Discharged

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by charrdy, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. He was a driver but over a year ago lost his licence for 12 months wasn't fired because they went to Iraq the following week his punishment was 2 year promotion ban and to keep his nose clean he's just got his licence back but can't have his hgv on until 21 just started boxing for his regt and first match got a medal seemed to be doing really well. He told me that a lad at work threw a metal bar and hit him on the head my son said he picked the bar up and hit him back with it and cut the lads head so he's been disharged. the thurs night before he left the army his mates took him out and got him drunk he was in his mates room in the early hours when 3 soldiers from another regt came in and beat and kicked him unconscious they were arrested but the rmp haven't contacted him since. he keeps trying to phone them. he's been home 2 weeks he's had an op on his broken nose and had to take himself to hospital. Does this sound like correct procedure does anyone know? I'm not even sure whether my son's telling me the whole truth? Can anyone help on this?
  2. AWOL? Ask to see his Red Book.
  3. he hasn't got that yet will that tell me what i need to know
  4. Is it normal to get discharged for such a thing, or would the RMP normally deal with it i.e. get locked away in military prison for a set period?
  5. He's not AWOL because he's got his discharge papers he's had his testimonial sent to him but it looks like he's torn it off after the first paragraph

  6. Well I can hear warning bells ringing loud and clear.

    Why would anyone tear off a paragraph from their testimonial.

    I think your son is telling you some porkies.
  7. that's what i was afraid of will the same things be written in his red book? what i can't understand as well is that the covering letter says he can use it as a reference for any future employer so would they have written anything bad on it?
  8. Testimonial:

    Dvr ******* is a drink driving thug.

    Lt Col Fcukdust
  9. Who knows!
    If he was a total twaaat, maybe!
  10. I can't see him being a total T**t he's only just been back from iraq 6 months and he wouldn't of lasted 3 and a half years surely i don't know what to think and i'll only find out the truth from him i guess
  11. Going to Iraq doesn’t have any bearing on being a twat or not the fact he joined the RLC is dead giveaway though. As for lasting 3 and half years so what MDN managed 4 and he is a prime tool.
  12. Charrdy, check your PM's mate.
  13. Not from Gutersloh is he?
  14. You've not even got in the front gate yet have you?

    Have a quick swig of shut the fcuk up until then?