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I have just started a new site/page for soldiers and there families that have just moved into married quarters. contains links to major Tv and utility companies from one page and when you shop via my site I donate to charity!

I am looking for feedback as to what else should I include that might be useful for families just getting set up on the patch. (of course I will link to arrse) Hopefully the mods won’t think this is spam due to the charitable nature of my site because I donate 51% of the profits to charity. Have a look and please let me know what other companies you would like to see included and any suggestions for the site. Looking forward to your responses.

Many thanks,
Just to let you all know the site has undergone a massive overhaul. We now donate exclusively to Military charities on the site.

Please let me know any feedback and useful links I should include on the site

Link included, along with ARRSE of course.

All feedback welcome
If I remember right, the Army Benevolent Fund rebranded to ABF The Soldiers' Charity early last year.

How much has been put through so far?
Thanks Mikal

I have re-named the poll option now to reflect the new name.

Since the site only started a few months ago it has yet to make a sale or subscription. I am concentrating on getting the site structure, usability and usefulness at its best before I start any major promotions or ad campaigns. Setting up relationships with affiliate companies can be hard at first because they want to be associated with established websites before allowing you to promote them.

It would only take one person to subscribe to a generic satellite service (I cant say the name for legal reasons ;-P ) for a donation of £40 to be divided between the charities. The potential is huge, if every time someone moves into married quarters they went via my site and set up TV, Gas and electric online, thousands of pounds would be donated to charity each year at no extra cost.

My plans are to expand into shopping services that would be useful to soldiers and their families along with exclusive military discounts.

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