my shiny new car

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by haggler, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. its red and lovely and makes me better than you all.

    Shines like a nigger on amoonlit stroll.

    i want to lick its flanks and convert its catalitic thing.

    post your heaps of rotting pig iron so i can feel even smuggervtan i already do.

    i may be pissed but i am ugly and in the morning i will be ugly so go fuck yourself with a knotted stick
  2. You were warned.
  3. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    I bet haggler's a (deleted) or a half-(deleted) anyway!
  4. jarrod sent me a message to me rudy
  5. stop licking arse unless invited
  6. I fucking well didn't.
  7. denial is foreplay by another name.
  8. I'm not aware of the term 'foreplay'.
  9. Is the word you are looking for Mulatto. Quadroon and Octaroon have a nice ring to them also, don`t you think. I like accuracy.
  10. western oriental gentlemen ? my grandpa was born in bengal as was his dad. when i get diabetes i blame them not carlsberg. if it were not for the exposure to turmeric i would have thrived i tell you.

    if my prose offends you i challenge you whoever you are to a duel. i shall beat you senseless with any weapon of your choosing

    puctuation may be added at a later more sober juncture
  11. Turmeric is good for you. You should eat more, much much more. It lends to the skin a sort of mucky yellow -brown hue, which is excellent protection against the effects of the Sun. You will find my advice useful when you bugger off to your ancestral homeland.
  12. i have securedca job in a call centre in mumbai. I shall call myself phillip. i will ask you to repeat yourself many times . i will then tell you i am unable to help but i will put you through to my superior. You will the listen to music of your choice on a loop till you hang up.

    When you ring back quoting my name I will say nobody of that name is employed there and would you like to speak to my supervisor? if you are still there twenty minutes later i will put on a voice saying that we are experiencing high call volumes and you must call back later....... i will let you choose to hang up
  13. Mumbai, or Bombay as it is more properly called is not in Bengal. You being a Muzzie Bengali would probably not be very welcome there.
  14. In the80's I had a friend (of the female persuasion) who told me that when her Porsche was delivered all she wanted to do was lie in the bonnet and wank herself.

    (As it was, all she did was bang the Porsche salesman who delivered it to her, and she apparently let him smash her back doors in too. And before you ask, no I didn't bang her - I was shagging her sister).
  15. Posting whilst pissed is for winners.

    Or are you playing the new game of Russian ROP's Roulette?