My Sex Robot!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by STILTS, Jun 12, 2011.

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  1. Now on Sky; DMAX channel 144,

    Watch all the ovwerweight sado septic get on with some black nasty and a washing up bottle!!!

    Bunch of weirdo's!!!

  2. No link for us cunts with no sky?

  3. I've always been wary of cyborg sluts, they're all metal and plastic! Some hacker could invent a guillotine or spike to insert up the snapper which is primed to go off right at the peak of the 'happy moment'. Quite a neat way for assassination and for wierdos with a smut fetish.

    WTF on the last bit!? Activate robot mode? I may have to try that! :)

  4. Bet they still say "not in my hair,not in my hair".
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  5. I bet if you tried that you would get a slap.

    There are some right freaks in the world....can't understand that at all, whats wrong with a real woman.....ok they natter a lot, but I would prefer to shag a wench then a robot. I'll bet there is some sick fuck out there trying to invent a robot cow to shag.
  6. I'd prefer to shag a wench then shag another wench! If I wanted to shag a robot I'd visit the nearest Nissan factory :wink:
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  7. knowing my luck if i asked mrs rutar to activate robot mode she'd wander off and
    start welding car parts together, or try to kill sarah connor.....
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  8. sex robots?just get married its fucking impossible to break the same old boring routine.
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  9. I would have to have mine programed to lie still like a sack of Spuds. After I climb of, it will say "is that it".

    This would make it the most realistic sex robot ever.
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  10. what.mines fucking snoring before iv'e finished.
  11. Do they come Maddie shaped?

    It's not for me you understand but a guy I know says his prototype is smelling a bit now.
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  12. I heard that the new Maddie 2011 model is more resistant to tearing.
  13. You forgot "Pull my nightie down when you've finished love"...
  14. That's not what she says to me...

    I don't know what all the fuss is about tbh, sex robots have been around for years:


    You don't even have to clean up afterwards.

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