My scrote is itchy...

...And it's keeping me awake.
I'm out in a fucking rash all over my fecking legs and ballix.
Surely your chemist carries remedies for jock itch. If it's a fungal infection, get an aerosol of athlete's foot spray. It may sting a bit, but it'll kill the unwanted stuff off.
Not the dreaded 'jock rash' is it? Binned my jocks when the RMO diagnosed me with it (all those years ago, while I can still remember) and told me not to wear 'em and no reoccurence since. Been 'free ballin' ever since, fuck does it piss the missus off no end.
Perhaps stop wearing tight underwear? The hairs on your ballbag poke through the material and make it itch like feck..
The crabs can jump 3 feet so no use crouching on the toilet....
3 fucking feet? You have to be joking. Crabs cant jump in general and those that can can only manage a few inches.


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Last time I had an annoying scrote I AGAI'd the cunt!
Just go nuclear on it -see yer nearest Choirmaster for supplies

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