my sandwich for today

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Cuddles, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. Ham

  2. Ham and egg mayo

  3. Ham, pickled egg and beetroot

  1. I would be grateful if you could help me out here. Do I go for a straight ham, a ham and egg mayo or a ham, pickled egg and beetroot sarnie for lunch today? I had a full breakie this morning and it is spag bol for dinner tonight if that helps.
  2. You forgot the "Who cares?" option.
  3. oooooo... the ham, egg and pickled beetroot combination sounds quite tempting.
  4. Ham, pickled egg and beetroot?!! No. Stop, that is a truly horrid combination.
  5. I got to agree on that one.
  6. Irony is a funny thing.
  7. No, I think you'll find I couldn't give a tuppenny fcuk for that option. Whoever you are. As if that matters...

    Looking like I may have to break out the beetroot...
  8. Cuddles, put the beetroot away, and get yourself sandwiched between two big strapping lads with a penchance for colon damaging...

    For a special treat try their "dry double An@l surprise"..... :D
  9. Not with my bum-grapes as they are currently configured...ooh they haven't been like this since Norway! However I know you will accommodate your two friends, as you so often have in the past. :D

    Looking good for the beetroot option although the ham/egg mayo showing a late rally...
  10. ham and egg mayo produces better botty burps - add the beetroot and the p1ss stains - also ham and egg throws up better and doesnt look like a ruptured stomach ulcer - youve got to ditch the beetroot.
  11. Ham, pickled egg and beetroot?!!

    I would rather eat a scabby pig between two p!ss stained matresses!

    Spag bol - for winners!
  12. You know it's true - especially the way Mrs Cuddles preparesit, using subtle culinary arts perfected over centuries of Irish cuisine...erm...well, you get the picture!
  13. Where's a MOD when you need one?

  14. You have potatoes with it then?
  15. Not very politically correct B2Zip...we will almost certainly need the MODs if this goes on!

    Don't fret Gunny, even though the poll is tied, I will be able to decide on..the beetroot option...without MOD assistance!

    Thanks for everyone's assistance, I don't know what I would have done without you! :roll: