My running routine - help me please

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by corbuk, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. Ok, I've passed adsc got an A in the fitness and done the 1.5 miles in 10:30 - so I'm on the rite track

    But was wondering wick would be better , I've been diong this since passing adsc

    Tue - 3 mile run
    thur - 1.5 mile run
    Sat - 4.5 mile jog

    Would it be better to do thus tho ? Would it help my shorter runs and help me overall ?

    Tue - 4.5 mile jog
    thur - 3 mile run
    Sat - 6 mile jog

    My current times are

    1.5 mile - 10:20 (best), around10:30 (average)
    3 me run - 22:37 (best), 23:07 (worst)
    4.5 mile jog - 36:31

    Just need some advice on from the gurus on arrse
  2. Get that 1.5 miler down to 9 mins and below. Then you're well away.
  3. Suggested timetable:

    Mon: 1.5mile run
    Tue: 3 mile
    Wed: 45min rowing
    Thurs: 6 mile
    Fri Four mile
    Sat: 45 min swim
    Sun: rest

    Measure your times for all of these and record them. If you take 47mins for a 6 miler today, then in three months when it only takes you, say, 40 mins, you should do an extra 7 mins exercise, so you aren't losing valuable training time.
    If you can't manage all of it then cut down to four/five times a week.

    I recommend Fighting Fit by Adrian Weal ISBN: 978-0-7528-0589-4. Very good
  4. try doing a mixture of longer and shorter runs.
    also do more than just running - do other exercise as well, strengthens different muscle groups and stops you getting bored
  5. If you want to improve and you insist on only running 3 days a week then I humbly suggest something like the following:

    10 min warmup on all of these except for long run.

    Tue interval day - 5 x 800m ~ 3:20 pace or 10 x 400m ~ 1:40 pace 1:1 rest/interval ratio

    Thur 20min tempo run @ 7:00 - 7:30 pace

    Sat Long run - start at 6mile easy and add a mile a month.

    The intervals and the tempo should be fast relaxed running - concentrate on good form and don't go so fast that you tie up. Let the speed come, do not test yourself over 1.5m for at least a month.

    Good luck.

    I forgot to add that you have no base so I would first just do 5 mile runs 3 times a week for the first month.

  6. Would the 3 mile / 4 mile / 6 mile be jogs or runs ? Tbh I can't tell the diffrence the longer the miles the slower I go an pace my self to finish , and by the time I finished the 4.5 mile's I've done excatly the rite pace too go ad fast as a can for the distance

    Tue - 4.5 mile
    thur - 6 mile
    sat - 4.5 mile
    sun - speedwork

    Ofcourse every month I will up the runs by 1.5 mile's , and every month do the 1.5 mile run ?

    Would this routine work ? I feel it would plus it would get some miles under the belt
  7. I second that! Its a good book and if I ever need motivation, I just have a quick flick through.

    Also, as suggested in that book, I wouldn't get tied up on distances every day. Instead, run for sets of time, i.e 30min, 45min and 90min runs.

    As your fitness and speed increases, you will be running further and faster but not loosing valuable training time/distance.


  8. Also what is your diet and water intake ? lay of the booze whilst training, and off the fatboy's
  9. Ok I need help now

    Just been on my 3 mile run and got 24:49, last Sunday I jogged it in 24:10

    I hate running the 3 miles ,I never look forward too it

    I think ino were I've gone wrong, before I would do jogs / jog to a certain time , But for the past 2 months all I've been diong is 3 hard run's a week no fun , hateing them.

    Were as I should be building fittnsss by diong long jogs , and not running hard all the time , yes ?

    I need to change my routine please
  10. do 2 long jogs and 1 hard run.


    monday - 5 mile jog

    wednesday - 3 mile run (best effort)

    friday - 5 miler

    inbetween the days have abit of a rest and do some upper body phys.
  11. A mix of the two; fast runs and interval training to build anaerobic stamina and long sustained jogs to build aerobic stamina and endurance. Running isn't really that interesting for most people; just plug the Ipod in and crack on.

    Try rowing, swimming etc too, and don't forget the upper-body training either.
  12. Your jog times appear to be quicker than your run times. Suggest you rename your runs to jogs and vice versa...... and perhaps because you are going out with a jog rather than run mentality you are more relaxed thus clocking quicker times.

    Get some interval training in there too.
  13. ok thanks for the advice guys,im going to be doing

    Mon- gym
    Tue- 4.5 mile jog
    Thur- 6 mile jog
    Sat-4.5 mile jog
    sun- intervaul/speed work
  14. Give yourself a rest day somewhere, otherwise your body won't have time to recover from the stresses placed upon it by strenuous training.
  15. Ok would this work

    Mon-gym+ Intervaul training( go to track )
    Tue- 30min fartlek(stride hard for 4 mins , jog for 1 , repeat )
    Thur-4.5mile jog
    sat-6 mile jog
    sun-rest... Maybe do some fishing :)

    This seems better , would I get a good base of fittnsss for basic from this?