My response to the American peeing incident


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This is clearly uploaded to the wrong area. Perhaps the MODS can move it?

Taking this seriously, just for the moment. As to the question of outcry from..., you don't read the area's media/blogs? There have been quite specific and loud statements condemning acts such as you relate. The statement of silence is not actually accurate. It is accurate to state that the ability of those willing to complain and condemn to change the situation is limited. It is also accurate to say that those who condemn insurgencies tend to become targets of insurgencies. For some reason this has a chilling effect from time to time. If you are commenting on the official state support explicit or implicit to some of the groups, then do be specific. That would make an interesting discussion.

Finally, I dislike being used to bolster a viewing counter on YouTube. Please consider not doing this again.
Haven't you got a plane to catch? :)
Er. are we all on the same plane tonight ...?

I'll be in the Vismaya Suvarnabhumi Luxury Resort tonight getting me nuts sucked.

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