my recruiter told me the 1.5 run is in 10.30 or less. help??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by uk7867, Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. my recruter told me that i have to do the 1.5 mile run in 10.30 or less,im going for infantry and on the army site it says 12.45 for infantry.i told this to my recruiter and he told me that i have to do in 10.30 or going to adsc in pirbright. please somebody help im confused thanks
  2. Hi there... I was told 14s & under for infantry. My son passed his selection in April with a time of 9.25 but he had been working hard on his running for a few months. Just really try your best. Practise as much as you can. Sergant told him every other day & them upper body the next days. Have you been training at all & when do you do selection? :)
  3. Heya mate,

    This is somersetladys son. how old are you first lol. but i know for a fact at any age the minimum is 13 mins all you have got to do is sprint your heart out... when you get to that point that you think you can't go any more push your self harder and just think of how happy you will be when you get told you have passed selection. even if it was 10.30 you could make that easy just keep pusshing yourself and dont give up.. :D
  4. It was 10.5 mins when I did basic, but that was a long time ago......things may have moved on since then. I can't see a reason to let fitness standards slip though.
  5. From what was explained to me at ADSC, you need to achieve under 11:30 min for Infantry on selection, and under 10:30 min during basic.

    Believe me, on the day, you will run faster than you've ever run in your life - provided you're keen enough.

    In the mean time, prepare by getting out there and going for a run on a regular basis.
  6. You will most probaly want to be able to do the 1.5m in under 10:30, you don't want to scrape the ADSC run time because it will just make it harder for you to keep up in Phase 1. And when you get your time up to 10:30, don't stop trying to get it better, keep going and going, there is always room for improvement. Sounds to me like your recruiter wants to give you a better shot at passing Phase 1 (and then 2 and so on). Good luck at ADSC when you get your chance.
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  8. If you are a teenager worried about being able to run 1.5 m in under 10.30, perahps you should either

    - get off the PS3 and start running. or
    - reconsider what you are doing.
  9. 12.45? 14? Sh.t. 8O I sincerely doubt it.

    Edited to add: What Bravo Bravo said.
  10. FWIW best time I've seen was from a full-blood Zulu bloke; about 7.05.

    Thats all he could do though, run like a demon.
  11. I don`t think anyone looks at it and those that do don`t believe it, now forgive me for going off on one slightly but what do you think you are joining here? It is the Army no matter what it says on your "selection" bumpf once you get in the field force you are expected to do under 1030 dependant on age as a MAXIMUM time for 1.5 miles *. This will be done after a squadded 1.5 miles in 15 minutes. Oh no!! 3 miles.

    * I am quite prepared to be corrected on this as I have been out for a while, but even so it is getting boring listening to these biffs being pleased at 13 minutes or whatever.

    /rant off
  12. im running 1.5 mile in 11 min bang on just done it today second day of back into running,i was ***ked but finished with some sprints etc... im 20 and goin for infantry
  13. Sticky has been edited in an attempt to stop this confusion spreading.

    Why can't people just listen to their sodding recruiting staff? :x
  14. Unfortunately this sort of behaviour in quite common among Army recruiters. Perhaps change AFCO? Or perhaps speak to someone else in the recruitment office and see what they say? I would be very cautious about the latter course of action though because army recruiters are not in general open to criticism.

    You almost certainly do not need 10:30 to pass ADSC but a lot of it is down to the PSO at ADSC.
  15. Pussies, I can do it in 9.30 and I'm 40