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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by DeltaIRE, Mar 10, 2011.

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  1. Good afternoon lads,

    I just wanted to post this up here to see if anyone has or currently is in my position. I hope this doesnt seem daft or has me made out to be an ungrateful cnut but I'll try and explain the best I can and hope from some advice from peeps on here.

    I want to join the British Army, ever since I've came back from my Insight Course its been the only thing on my ******* mind, joining up as a soldier in the Infantry. My parents are against it, they want me to finish school and go to some form of 3rd level education, I'm not happy with this and I dont even feel like finishing my Leaving Cert (Rep. of Ireland equivalent to A-Levels). I even sat my ma' and step-da' down and showed them the brochure I got from the Army, the stuff I printed out on AFC Harrogate as I really wanted to go there back 2 months ago, but I was shot down and ridiculed and made out to be an idiot for even suggesting it.

    By this point I've known that my family are against it, even as far as my step-da' to say that it was the worst decision he ever made letting me go to the Insight Course a couple of months back. So, after thinking long and hard these last few weeks I've came up with the idea that I'm going to leave school next year, the second last year before exams. I will be turning 18 on that date in 2012, my school usually breaks 25th May and my birthday is the 29th. Now, I'm going to try and keep this hidden from my parents, and I dont wanna be waiting around in my house till/if I make it through medicals/ADSC and the like so I'm wondering am I able to go to the careers office and sign up and get a date for interviews/medicals/ADSC's and everything that goes with it before I turn 18, or will I have to wait till I'm 18 and apply over the summer?

    eg - Will I be able to apply to the army and book dates when I'm 17.5+ months, or will I have to wait till I'm 18?

    If I apply when I'm 18 years of age, how long could I be waiting for a slot for my training to begin? As I'm sure that if I left school and applied my parents would kick me out of the house.

    A little bit more info: I run 5 times a week, usually 2milers and my current (terrible) run time is 11:34 (best effort) which I'm trying to get down as I want to go Para's.

    -Sincerely and thank you ARRSE for any replys!
  2. There's always the Foreign Legion if you just want to get out of dodge. Or, the Irish Defence Force (or whatever its called)?

    Failing that, ultimately you've got to do what you want to do. Make a decision and be prepared to deal with any consequences. I would have thought that it would be a good idea to finish your exams as any extra quals can only really be a good thing.

    It wouldn't hurt to go to the ACO and ask to start the ball rolling. But, you will have to get a parent/guardians signature if it's before you're eighteenth.

    Pob lwc! Good luck!
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  3. Well lad, I'm a Paddy aswell, And i was in a somewhat similiar situation to you. I always wanted to Join the BA, but was always worried what people at home would think of me joining the British army, what with their involvement in the north and the fact that in Eire it is nearly taboo for someone to join the BA.

    Anyway for years I never brought it up or mentioned it, mainly out of concern about what my parents would think, I didn't/don't care what anyone else's opinions would possibly be. But anyway last year i just said **** it, I want to be a soldier so i Started the process but i didn't tell me parents and the plan was to join up and just say I was working on a building site in england when i left. Suffice to say That plan didn't work out! But anyway i told them eventually and can honestly say I was shocked in how positive they have taken it and everyone's response has been positive.

    They accept it's my life and it's for me to decide what to do with it, and I think thats what you have to try and instill in your own parents. I think it comes down to how much you really want to join the BA, i myself honestly thought they would disown me before i told them and was willing to sacrifice ever coming home again but I said **** it, Don't be weak and do what I want to do. I'm going the Micks myself

    You sound like you're really willing to go, so my advice is as you're aproaching 18 is to start the process in secret because you know they're going to be against you and then when you get a start date tell them as it's aproaching the time. You can stay in school during all this but by the sounds of it they won't sign any consent forms so you'll have to wait till 18 to join up.You should give a careers office a ring when you turn 17, so you should be well ready to start as soon as you turn 18.

    At the end of the day your parents are civvies and wouldn't understand anyone joining the army anyway, so don't be weak and let them dominate your future life, go your own path.
    One last bit of advice, you're run time is quite high for someone looking to join the Para's, anyways as a paddy ya should be looking to uphold the irish tradition of service in the BA by joining one of the Irish regiments! ie. the royal Irish or The irish Guards. MY advice, go to the Micks!
  4. Not finishing your A levels is just ******* stupid. If you are academic and capable of graduating, then you owe it to yourself to DO this as well. You dont have to become an officer because you have a degree but it will certainly help career advancement. You would be the scarey age of 22 and still be able TO enjoy a full military career.
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  5. I agree ! ENJOY your life for now , you are still young and your run time for para .... you need to get it easily under 9.18 for para(adult entry) ,however 9.30 is still a pass, but competition is quite high !
  6. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    No advice offered from me! All I wanted to say was that is one of the most literate posts by a teenager I think I have ever seen on here.

    Not a sign of text speak.

    Well done.
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  7. don't be an idiot. don't be impatient.

    get your A levels.
  8. Finish school and then join up. The Army may be reducing in size but it wont dissapear completely anytime soon!
  9. You've asked a set of sensible questions.
    You've been given the benefit of particularly sound advice with virtually no urine -taking.
    You've even been complimented.

    Your impatience is understandable, but bear in mind that soldiers are self-disciplined. ie, they do things that they dislike to achieve a goal. So, get out while you're ahead, follow the advice and get those examination results. Then apply. You mention your pretty poor level of fitness, there are lots of other areas in addition that you can be preparing while studying. Read through other candidates' experiences for a better idea.

    Best of luck, and be grateful for parents who care enough to be worried.
  10. ...Just throwing that out there?

    Thanks for letting us know.
  11. mate im 19 and unfit as hell, but i intend over the Easter break to start some training, and get prepared for application time. im in my first year of uni, and although i really want to join up now, im glad im studying for a degree. it means i have something to fall back on if i end up not liking the army, which i doubt! and also covered if i have to leave the army on medical grounds. so yes it is a few years out of my army career, but the degree will hopefully improve my prospects within the forces and beyond!
    go for it mate, if you got the ability do it! dont want to be there in 10 years time regretting not doing education!
  12. I'd say finish your education and go and experience civi life then join the army because that way you've done the civi life and know you defiantly want to join up