My pointless Story..

Hey everyone,

A few of you may recall me waffling on over recent years while working my way into the career I wanted. Well, to you and everyone who offered advice, support, wisdom and cruel mocking sarcsam to me, I'd like to say thanks. This site and forum were invaluable to me.

For those unfamiliar with me, Here is a brief summary of my pointless story;

Scrawny kid who was always picked last at football makes some mistakes in life (and not even the somewhat interesting criminal kind), tired of being a consumate screw up decides to stop being a moaning waster and change things. Decides the army may just sort him out.

Tells his family and friends, who promptly laugh in his face. Tells recruiters who politely muffle laughter into sleeves.

Does well in the BARB test, but finds he has the fitness and stamina inherited from his dead grandmother. Works very hard at it, everyday, lifting weights and running etc...

Fitness improves, weight drops to the point where it isn't even funny anymore. Spends every penny of his crappy minimum wage supermarket gig on calories and a house. Makes it to ADSC, deferred as underweight... returns to afore mentioned supemarket gig in shame.

Keeps at it, passes pre-selection before being promptly put on his arse by pneumonia.

Goes away, comes back, deferred again after medical papers didn't explain the growth on his chest is merely a cyst. Obtains exlanation from qualified doctor type. Now been trying for three zears and t's just getting embarrassing.. on the plus side is now officer in command of other supermarket types.. conversely pay is still rated as "unimpressive" by 94% of Albanian cabbage farmers.

Then, one glorious day in the summer of 2009, consumate screw up passes ADSC with a fairly respectable B.

Now onto the meat of my post.. you can tell its important as I've returned to referring to myself in the first person. I've come to the conclusion that I can no longer continue with my entry.

My AFCO have misinformed me fairly frequently.. though i still think overal they have done a sterling job in supporting me. But theres only so long a dude can wait for things in life.

I don't feel too bad, i've acheived more than anyone ever thought I would, I'm fter than I've ever been and I met some great people along the way. but I'm 25 this year and while thats still young, I feel the time has come for me to do something useful, whether thats studying or what i don't know.

I knew a few guys through ARRSE going for the same job who got the same grade and many have already done basic. I'm not bitter, they got a better grade B than I did, and seeing how difficult that was for me personally they deserve it. It does suck a little, but its a good system of selection which works in the best interests of the army and the country and ensures the best make it.

I was good, but not quite good enough. I feel no shame in that. There are many who don't even try.

So, why post this? well primarily to thank everyone here who has helped me along, it was appreciated. But also for other aspiring soldiers looking for info.. nothing is guaranteed and you are likely to be in for a long wait. I applied later than I should I have done, i'm sure its more than worth the wait and effort so stick in there. Sadly for me, it realy has come time to move forward, and being told my medical had expired again, and Id need to pay for another eye test and attend ADSC again... you just get fed up of explaining yourself to people all the time about why its like this, and the supermarket job was diminishing my will to live.

But is it all doom and gloom? Nah... if it doesn't work for you either, life is still good.

There was nothing for me in the UK, I was always complaining about public transport, chavs, low pay, high taxes, expensive food and my shi'ite life. Reading other simiar views i found myself thinking, "well, if you don't like it.. fk off and change it." .. so I did.

I now live in berlin, germany... with an extremely hot girl who has yet to realise she is out of my league. I work for an internet start up earning more money than I honestly need and life is good. Sausages and cheap beer are plentiful, and theres potentially the best donor kebab stand in the world a stones throw away.

All the best to everyone on here, I'll be sure to remain lurking around. My thanks and respect to all of you. keep up the sterling work.
hey Zero, you forget your manners young man! post pics immediately of said hot girl.
Well done for the effort, sounds like you made things happen for yourself, one door closes and all that.

dont forget the pics.
Apologies, quite right you are too.

I've gone for a tasteful couple photo, primarily because I would be killed in my sleep fr sharing anything else.
Dont be daft, no photos thank you - Disco
See, I tried! I'm a man cultured in etiquette.

hopefully disco will be able to confirm the aforementioned hottie is indeed hot.
Whatever, best of luck for the future Mate!
Thought I'd just mention if you still felt like doing something military in Germany there is still the TA, 412 Amphibious Engineer Troop in Hameln.
Makes it to ADSC, deferred as underweight... returns to afore mentioned supemarket gig in shame.
Rings an old bell. Happened to my dad in the days when the recuiting team turned up in your town and stayed for a week. Failed on Monday morning as he only weighed eight stone something. Porridge three times a day with the conivance of his mum and he passed on the Friday afternoon. Doubt he ever got over nine and a half stone in his life, they used to give him a mortar base plate to jump with even though he was a signaller and had either the radio set or the NiFe cells for said radio.
Thought I'd just mention if you still felt like doing something military in Germany there is still the TA, 412 Amphibious Engineer Troop in Hameln.
Sounds interesting. Got a contact for this? Got any more infoß and can I apply from with Germany? Also, I have to work on US time in my job, anyone know what night they train? anything other than tuesday could require some negotiations...
Thanks for the link. I googled earlier and found the troops homepage with a link to an application form, but could find no info regarding the nights on which training takes place etc..
Soldier on mate, best of luck.

Thanks Manc66, appreciated.

I contacting them by phone today, will keep you all posted on how it goes.
The whole of life is but a moment of time. It is our duty, therefore to use it, not to misuse it.
Good luck to you and well done for what you achieved ,it seams you deserve it so ...enjoy it mate :)

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