My passion is computers

So I was just sat here, thinking to myself, what have I truly been interested in for most of my life? What area have I consistently showed passion in? And I thought to myself, it's computers!

Honestly the past few weeks I've been changing my mind in what job I want to take in the Army and I'm surprised it's took me this long to look into the signals corps. The only thing I can think of I've enjoyed and took part in since I was young is working with computers.

I'm really into building, repairing and working on computers. I have brief knowledge on networking and things like that, and I generally enjoy it all. I also have a GNVQ in ICT. I was looking through the Signals jobs and I came across Communication Systems Engineer. I've really just only discovered this job, I've been reading up about it and I'd say it comes closest to what I'd enjoy, and what I'd stick with.

From my brief description of what I'm interested in regarding computers, would you say this would be a suited job for me? Any general information about the job would be appreciated! (Sorry if there are numerous threads about the job, I only briefly searched!)


EDIT: (I didn't have to look far, massive thread HERE about it, my bad!)
Bit different from joining the RAMC as a CMT or ODP??

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I am an IS Operator/IS Engineer/CS Operator...whichever is our trade name this week. I was a transferee into the Royal Signals and to be perfectly honest it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. My passion was also computers, but I also had some networking experience too. If you were to join the Army/Corps then you too would gain networking knowledge and experience. You would also gain good qualifications for civvy street should you so desire to leave the Army however the current job situation in civvy street isn't looking too good.

Good luck with your decision.
Goodfella said:
I am an IS Operator/IS Engineer/CS Operator...whichever is our trade name this week....
Schoolboy error, Goodfella, it's CS Engineer.

A top trade BTW.


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