My Part In The Walts Downfall...

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Track_Link, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. Right I've re-hashed a Video (made by verryfunnyvids) to give them wannabee cunts a shoeing. There's a petition in the making that will make what they do illegal if it goes all the way...

    So have a peek. If it's shit say so, if it needs improving say where...

    But be gentle please (yeah right...) I've had to delete some fucking brave lads faces to give these twats their 30 seconds...


    I'm off to get the dust out of me eyes. That was hard...
  2. Trackster that is brilliant mate. Many thanks indeed for your work it is a fantastic bit of Techie Work. Look forward to cascading it to various folk and the Media. Well done buddy !
  3. Made the hairs stand up that did. Outstanding, Where do we sign?
  4. Petition has been submitted stand by for the address. I just wanted a no bollox answer as to the vids quality.
  5. No bollix, if that doesn't hit the mark I don't know what will. Think you were a bit soft on Jimbo only calling him a Dreamer, but hey its a start.

    Just gone to watch it again.
  6. I'm no expert on these things, and I hate commenting negatively when I could do no better, but I reckon this clip would benefit greatly from a few video clips interspersed between the photos.

    I hated saying that, it's still really good though mate.
  7. No probs mate. It's why I've posted it.

    What type of clips? Length etc.. Feel free to PM
  8. A wee clip of Tom or Andy from "Wounded" learning to walk on they're Stumpees maybe (don't get knickers twisted, thats what their called I believe) If its alright with Tom and Andy ......maybe.
  9. Anything in a similar setting to the photos you already have, about 6-8 videos dotted in between the photos all the way through. I'm sure there's something out there, preferably better quality to what I've linked to below. Ignore the context and setting if you can, just look at some parts of the videos;

    maybe not this one though ;)
  10. I'll have a crack at it.. am sure Tom & Andy will be cool They've put up with worse than an Ex-Scaley making a Youtube Vid that's for sure
  11. Roger that... I'll make an extended version of the Vid I think. One with just the photos and one song. The other a bit longer (10 mins is YouTube limit I think) Standby...
  12. This is truly excellent work.
    And you have done a great service putting this together.

    Tho, I still like the original, this has boiled it down to the nub of the issue.

    A few thoughts following on from what was said in posts above.

    1, You had an image of two amputees back-to-back that was haunting,
    tho don't lose the poor fella who is a tripple amputee - having both in just strikes home their courage over immense adversity as well as the consequences of serving the nation.

    2. You overlay the word "Dreamer" over our favourite Walt.
    IMO it is rather a passive word - perhaps "Fantasist" might be more appropriate.

    3. Finally as these guys have all been outed,
    why not put their names in smaller type to the catagories you've placed them in.

    BTW who was the Jock Ossifer in the trouse from the first filim
    is he worth adding?

  13. Let me have a dig at this tomorrow. It's a work in progress and I'll get it right. Consider Fantasist done mate.
  14. That would be Alan McIlwraith. Bit of a leg-end.
  15. It's looking good,keep up the good work mate