My Part In Bob Spours Downfall

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Track_Link, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. I just got some Video Editing Software. There's been some threads about Stolen Valour, So I thought I'd give that throbber Spour a shoeing.

    Not quite Spielberg...


    But it amused me!
  2. It amused me too. I was expecting it to be bollocks but it aint.

    ''Now lads, we are truly fucked''.
  3. For a first attempt that's bloody good.
  4. Pure class ... well done mate; had me chuckling!
  5. Excellent! Top drawer.
  6. Class !!
  7. Very good mate... I laughed all the way through it!!!

    Like the name dropping!!
  8. small point about believabilty....Chubb is WAY fatter than that!! hole :D
  9. Pure class mate well done :)
  10. Class mate class pissed my self laughing
  11. Outstanding effort. Just pished myself watching that, and for once it wasn't just down to old age !
  12. Notwithstanding that you've done a barrel of a job, mucker, I, personally, had a bit of a problem with it.

    The thing is that I work with languages on an everyday basis. I speak fluent German and I also watched the original version of the filum in German. Considering Bruno Ganz is Swiss in origin, it's entirely up to his incredible skills to reproduce Hitler's Austrian/Hochdeutsch accent with such astonishing accuracy. As such, I found myself unable to appreciate your most admirable attempts to the fullest extent. However, full marks!

  13. Really funny mate, well done.
  14. Nice one Track-link. Brightened up a dull day that did :D

    Await the prequel/sequel :wink:
  15. I like that! Very funny indeed. Well done! :D