My only chance for RMAS, some advice please!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by jsolace, Feb 2, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys, I'm aiming at becoming a pilot or groundcrew officer in the AAC, a bit about myself before i get into questions:

    40 ALIS Points, 300 UCAS points, no degree
    24 yo (25 in a couple of months)

    First off, I understand that wanting to become an officer at the ripe old age of 24, with no degree is PUSHING it....bigtime. But, that said, I feel I have a lot to offer, I'm strong, confident, have good fitness, and having only one shot at getting to RMAS before my 26th birthday I'm gonna give it my damn hardest.

    Basically, I went down to my local AFCO a couple of days ago, explained my plans to them, the senior recruiter overhears and says "25 this year! You're pushing it a bit there" (I laugh to myself, I know... I know).
    Anyway, he goes on to tell me that my only chance to get to RMAS will be in Jan 2013 as it's fully booked for this year, and I'll be 26 by the time May 2013 starts.

    The recruiter tells me my next step is to come for a meeting with the ACA in charge of recruiting officers, he said that it will be a senior officer so come suited and booted, and that he will help me with everything I'll need to know.

    So, here is my problem. My recruiter had asked if i could make it to the meeting next week, unfortunately I am working on the day he specified, I could potentially wriggle my way out of work for the day, but it's not certain. Otherwise I'll have to wait until the first week in March as these interviews are only held once a month.

    Now, given my time constraints and that i need get AOSB and the Main Board boxed off before Nov? (Don't you have to have passed Main Board 2 months before attending RMAS?)

    Should I:

    A - Attend the Interview next week no matter what, to get the ball rolling sooner and give myself more time. (I'm not bothered about getting bollocked for not going to work, I really want to get my shot at RMAS more than anything)

    Or, B - Wait until next month, stop worrying and be even more prepared than I am now for the Interview?

    I'm booked in for the March one but if I ring them I reckon I could change it as long they have a space for me. Any other ideas or advice would be great. Just want to say also, you guys do an awesome job on here trying to help civvys like me get to where some of you guys are, it's great to see.

    Thanks a lot,

  2. Am well out of the loop regarding current recruiting practice, but still reckon you've answered the question in your post -- if you're already "pushing it" you want everything on your side, and that implies not cancelling interviews.
  3. If you really want it, put everything into it. Go for the earliest possible interview and get yourself down of the reserve list(last min replacement) for AOSB, give it 100% now or you may end up regretting it later.
    Dont worry about being prepared for the ACA chat, its more about finding out about you than any form of selection.
  4. Your recruiter is trying to help you, do exactly as he advises, and attend the first interview.

    Dress smart.

    Be honest.

    Don't be a cock.
  5. Yeah I had a feeling that would be the best thing to do, I'm gonna call the AFCO first thing tomorrow morning and get booked in for next week, thanks guys.
  6. From what my ACA said, if you're older than 24 and 6 months, you're going to struggle finishing everything in time, as recruitment is at capacity.
  7. I am in the same boat. Will be 25 in 8 months and had my ACO meeting last week. Am due at the briefing in summer. Was advised that I must get a Cat1 and do the main board asap. My ACO told me RMAS is full until May 2013 but that intake is the one being cut. Good luck... if we get in we'll prob be in the same intake!
  8. Scratch that... good luck but if you are 26 in May and RMAS is full till May I'm not sure of your options? Deffo speak to your ACA I guess :)
  9. Not looking good, won't get to an ACA interview until March now, next week is fully booked. I'm gutted, it's looking more and more like my chances are f*cked. Almost certain I'll run out of time, although I'm gonna keep pushing for it.

    Beardyman; My recuiter yesterday said RMAS is full until Jan 2013 and yours says it's May 2013, let's hope mine was more accurate!

    Im hoping that if i get a cat 1 and pass Main Board well before my birthday (late March) that they may let me attend the May RMAS even though I'll be 26, I've read it's not unheard of although my chances are uber-slim!

    Thanks for the heads up
  10. Go for it. If I don't get in by May then my ACO indicated that I could go in Sep (two weeks after my 26th).
  11. Yeah I'm going to for it for sure. Hopefully that'll be my case, although I'll be 26 and 2 months!

    Thanks for the advice mate, where are you up to with your application btw Beardyman?
  12. 1. I was 24 with no degree and passed.

    2. Go to interveiw.

    3. Just because they say an intake is full does not mean they will not put you into one if you pass. I passed in the June and was on the September intake.

    4. This was 1999.
  13. jsolace;

    I had my ACO interview last week and am about 70% into the paperwork (CV & Medical Form). I have a FAM visit to the Infantry booked in in addition to a couple of regimental interviews.

    I am due to attend the board in May as I work full time and we have a gert project coming through. It will also give me time to make sure I am on the front foot with my phys and up to date with current affairs.

    I'm already bricking it as I really want to get in but I'm going to do the prep and do my best so I should be ok.

    If I don't get a Cat 1 (say a Cat 2:12) then I'll be trying for the RAMC (MSO) as the age limit is 29.
  14. Any other advice? Well I had some about 35 years ago when I went through this (successfully till I resigned but don't worry about that bit). At the selection board which was then about 3 days of faffing about an assault course, public speaking, solving problems by essay etc etc .... is there a stooge in the bar? Who knows, they say not but act as though there is. Don't drink too much. Avoid the older clever clogs in the corner who bats on about the (alleged) benefits of the army pension (I saw about 6 sitting around him enthralled ... they failed). Don't tell people you want to join the army to kill people ... he failed too. Engage brain every time before opening mouth & if the conversation ain't too clever, walk away. The other guys are, for now, competition not friends. Later they'll be friends.
    Out on the assault course you do NOT have to get around it, I saw a guy who did & he failed. You need to show guts. They let you tackle the obstacles in any order you want, to see who has guts. I don't, but I pretended to. There is a 'window' of scaffold poles .... run at the bloody thing and dive through head first, not many others will. I wear specs & am a whimp, it scared the bejeesus out of me, but was easy. Do it, and right near the start ... you'll feel good & they'll love it. There is a sandpit, I made a cantilever from planks to clear it, which they quite liked, then I was invited to have a go without the planks & still cleared it. I failed to get over a high wall, too tired ... kept trying ... failed ... they said try something else. Bet if I had not dived that window they'd have given up on me ...
    On the group tasks, be a little generous to others perhaps and feel free to seek group input if the solution is unclear to you ... and yet still ensure the proposed solution has not been designed by a committee and lead it well if you are sure of the solution. Enjoy this test, its great fun!
    Interviews ... can't say really, some of the above, and I took along a neat CV with several group photos to try to show I'd done interesting things and had enjoyed teamwork ... untrue, but the CV implied it, worked for me. I was 21 so not a lot to show but stuff like Duke of Edinburgh award, sailing licences, orienteering awards ... don't sound very group after all ... sort of action stuff anyway.

    Good luck. No, forget that ... you make your own luck.