My old mans bergen. How can i value this?

Need a bit of help with determining the value of a genuine SAS Bergen.

My old man was with 22 during Malaya & spent 6 years with them. He still has his bergen.
I've googled etc & can't seem to find any idea of how much it might be worth. It has a full
& excellent provenance & is in very good condition & is very useable. All straps & buckles are intact
& the frame is perfect.

My ex wife (bitch) reckons she skipped it as it had some flys on it when it was in the loft.
I'm going to attempt to recover damages from her through the courts for it plus other gear stored in the ex home
that i wasn't given a chance to recover. Not told my old man. He'll feckin top her. Actually that might save me the bother!

Any ideas on its value or how i might get it valued asap would be much appreciated. This has only kicked off
today & i want to keep the momentum going & pile on the pressure.


You need to sell it with a providence, I:e Do you have a picture of your dad wearing it whilst serving? Obviously put the obligatory black stripe across the face!
Yeah searched Ebay & nothing that compares. Those links are for those issued during the 60's i think. Not sure on hoolie kit.
This is quite similar to 37 patt webbing in style & texture. Reminds me of WW2 Commando bergens in how it looks. Wish i had some pics of it. There are pictures of them in one of those Osprey reference books.

Yeah thanks Harry.

Plenty of pics of the old git with it. It has a full provenance with it thanks to his record keeping.

It was pictured sometime in the 80's in the in-house hoolie (Mars & Minvera??) mag compared to the current (then) kit.

I would think about £100 but that is speculation and because ebay is an auction
an accurate price isn't possible
Why not refer the court to Silvermans catalogue for a price.

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