My old Knees

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by brucewillis, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. I have got the knees of a pensioner. While chewing the fat with some mature WOs and SNCOs they recommended cod liver oil tablets and glucosamine (or something), I took a whole tub of cod liver oil tablets in one go, it did nothing for my knees but at least I can now breathe under water!

    My question is this has anyone tried this and noticed an improvement, or am I waisting my time with pills, powders and potions?
  2. for me.....cant feel bugger all after only half a bottle!

    only kidding Cod liver oil is great....took me a couple of weeks to notice a difference.....and my cat follows everywhere..odd that!
  3. Interesting, take cod liver oil tablets, attract pussy. Cheers.
  4. Works for me! :wink:
  5. To be honest..cod liver oil works fine for me and i click when i stand up....
  6. Haven't got time to type, to busy swallowing dead fish in a capsule. Wife now thinks I am a Holland and Barret drug addict.
  7. You need to take cod liver oil for several weeks before you see any results.
    If after a month – month and a half you don’t see any results then it isn’t working for you.
  8. I tried glucosamine, didn't do anything for me but empty my wallet.

  9. I am bascially knackered (If I was a horse, I'd be bostick by now), too many years of rugby and running about. However, liberal doses of Cod Liver Oil keep the old carcass in close to working order. It also keeps you regular!
  10. Glucosamine Sulphate does the biz without making you smell like a week old haddock: there's a lad at work who is on the list for a knee replacement but reckons the stuff keeps him going or rather stops it getting any worse. You have to take it for a while to notice any effects, though. As for cost try - first class mail order service and lots cheaper than the high street.
  11. I used to have bad knees (still do?) due to too much cycling but have been using Glucosamine Sulphate tablets for over a year now. I no longer need to wear a knee support while running and am getting as good as or better times. Wait until Holland & Barrat have a 75% off sale and stock up.
  12. Hi

    Have used glucosamine several times over the past few years - have generally not noticed a difference until after about three weeks at the earliest.

    Have now got life together, lost a stone and exercise regularly, so (oddly enough) have not found the need for it anymore.... :D
  13. Cod liver oil is perfect...but you must take a good quality Oil such as Holland & Barrett. Dont buy cheap stuff. The 1000mg cod liver oil capsules have a higher % of the needed EPA and DHA to keep your old knees from crumbling. Plus it takes at least a month or two for it to get into your system..DONT OVER DOSE!!!!! Vitamin A is good for you but TOXIC to your liver in high quantities!!! 1 x 1000mg capsule aday should sort out your knackered out knees and every other joint.

    You must sort your diet out as more burgers/fry ups/ fatty sh!te as your body will use the bad fat to maintain/repair the joints..Thats where cod liver oil comes into use.

    Been taking them now for over 5 years, and my post Brecon knees are now good as new.
  14. "Jesus! do you know me?"
    Thanks for all the comments
  15. Does anyone take glucosamine/cod liver etc oil for back ache?