My Old Dad

My old dad must have held some sort of record, he joined R.Sigs at Catterick in 1924, served in India until 1932, left the army and married me mother, got called up as a reservist in 1939, served until 1945.

He entered the army as a Signalman and left as a Signalman. He had two different numbers, the one issued in 1924 and got re-numbered sometime after 1939.

While I'm on the subject of me dad, the MOD managed to lose his army papers, pratts, they were sent from Hayes in Middlesex to Kentigern House, Glasgow, then Kentigern House sent them back to Hayes, where they promptly vanished. The pensions people at Kentigern House have a record of them arriving and leaving, but thats all. B*gger, would have liked to have seen those, all his postings would have been on there.

He was at Dunkirk. Him and a mate were walking up the beach when they found this geezer burning hundreds of cartons of fags, so they saved a few. When they got to blighty they were put on a train to Nottingham, so there they were in the early hours of the morning, knocking on tobacconists doors flogging fags. Typical old sweats. Ramble over.

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