My Northern Cyprus Trip

Hello. We are an enthusiastic couple who travel to Northern Cyprus on a regular basis for every occasion. Things have changed a lot while being on holiday in this tourist friendly place, then and now. The kind of hospitality services that are provided to tourists has increased a lot. I have enjoyed every moment with my husband as if we are on a honeymoon. When we first landed in Northern Cyprus, we were sceptical about the kind of services being provided to foreign tourists because its not really a well known spot.

This time we booked for a posh room at Malpas Hotel. Our hotel was accessible thanks to the shuttle service to the town centre and the shuttle to their own private beach. People, especially couples, will really like this hotel as the beach is great and adult friendly. There are also many more beaches that provide the much needed relaxation for Group Holidays. There are also some basic water sport facilities like canoes and water bikes if you want to burn sum calories. We spent most of our time on the sandy beaches and under the shining sun.

If you are going to Northern Cyprus with all your family or Singles holidays, then you have to be consider the kind of services that are offered to you. Getting car rental cyprus is a hectic task as the public transport is unreliable and there is a maximum chance that you may never find prompt services as per your requirements. It took us just over a couple of minutes in fixing our schedule and formalising our travelling dates, and the car was literally brand new.

This Christmas will be memorable as we will be in Northern Cyprus to celebrate the grand occasion. People will be increasingly be booking hotels and holidays there through Direct Traveller. Hence, it is better to book in advance so as to avoid last minute rushes. We have got all the privacy we have needed as we have requested a specific room. This is one of the reasons why we opt for Northern Cyprus through Direct Traveller on a regular basis. Christmas holidays in Cyprus are never the same. In order to experience, one has to visit and experience all such feelings personally. We as a couple have been bestowed with all wonderful memories while we have been on holiday there.

Most hotels in Cyprus are mentioned on Direct Traveller's website. You can book any of the hotels on the website. Either singles holidays or group holidays, every hotel has been customised as per the requirements of the customers. Travel as and when you like. Hotels in Northern Cyprus are affordable and provide maximum facilities for comfort for the travellers. Before choosing a particular hotel, it is advisable for tourists to plan their accommodation in advance. Don’t just go to Cyprus; book early in the UK to confirm you stay in a nice hotel.

Late holidays in Northern Cyprus will prove to be effective only when there are no alternative choices left. This is because the hotels tend to get booked up fairly early. I mean this year our favourite hotel was not available but, when we contacted Direct Traveller they offered us an alternative which was comparable to that. They also had reps at the hotels all the time, giving us the best service from the UK and in North Cyprus. Check them out; they always have some sort of offers throughout the year.
Nice write up and an even better bit of free adverting. Last time I was in Kyrenia I was sucked off by a Turkish streetwalker.
FiveAlpha said:
Nice write up and an even better bit of free adverting. Last time I was in Kyrenia I was sucked off by a Turkish streetwalker.
Male or female? Just for the record of course... :roll:

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