My nipples are stuck.

Oil, well that is the thing, I have shares in Parker Hale where oil is concerned. I tend to lather it on.
I'll qualify that...In storing and cleaning I have often seen where lack of oil in guns is detrimental, I have not seen where excess oil is, apart maybe from very old side-by-sides where the stock blackens from oil seepage out of the barrels.

Stoaty soaks in 50:50 ballistol-water after shooting, fair enough, I do tend to wash-soak in oxy stain remover and hot water take them out, clean and replace but this time obviously the system failed and now I'm in the shyte :-(
We are both with Lord Wellington then with the 'don't spare the oil theory'...8)

I have a Martini-Henry with a real obvious oil stain down the stock which can only be from too much oil seeping back into it over the years.

Not everyone stores them barrel down I imagine.

Once you get them copper slipped and back in...then you won't need to take them out for every cleaning. Mine stay in for upto12 months usually before I take them out and touch wood I've never had one stick yet.

I clean the cylinder in the ultrasonic, blow the water off with the airline and then give the whole thing a good oiling with CLP/Break Free and that's it.

It's out on the range every other weekend or so which means it's getting that treatment every time and without removing the nipples. Some wise old bloke down the range once told me that all you are doing is wearing things out by taking them apart all the time. I'm not mechanically minded, but it made sense at least.
M H cheers, although that is the sharp end of £86 here. I'll try and have have them drilled out by an engineer friend, not trashing the threads of course, before I buy a new one. Or, more likely I just leave them in for the life of the cylinder/nipples. It rather goes against the grain but it is a possibility!

However, I do have every confidence I'll get them out.

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