My New Year's Going-Out Kit

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by fridge_magnet, Dec 27, 2010.

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  1. Black Calvin Klein boxer shorts
    Black socks (inner pair)
    Blue and grey, hooped Bench socks (outer pair)
    White Hawkes formal shirt
    Blue Topman slim jeans (34R)
    Brown leather belt
    Brown Red or Dead brogues
    Grey Muji sweater
    Coloured string wristband
    Silver thumb ring (right hand)
    Black high-collar Ben Sherman coat
    Mobile phone (on silent)
    20 cigarettes (Fantasia, assorted pastel colours)
    Fresh breath spray

    I'm going to prepare my kit for the next morning including pain relief, clothes, breakfast, tickets, mammal, wash kit and so on, the night before so is all ready for when I get up with a hang-over. Probably will leave the windows open so feel fresh in the morning. Also if it
  2. Great, can you do us all one favour before that?

    Delete your account.
  3. AAGF


    Don't forget to put the condom on while you're still sober in case you trap later (women wear beer goggles too!)
  4. What has this got to do with cookery?
  5. WTF are you on today? Is anyone really interested in this shit?

    All I can say is.... HOLE!!
  6. Yes good plan, make sure you prepare your mammal. Although I wouldn't take pastel coloured fags, people might get the completely wrong idea and assume you're a cunt, oh hang on…. this is a fucking wind-up isn't it?
  7. You sound dreamy......
  8. Is that a "going out kit" or a "coming out kit" ???
  9. I didn't ask for abuse lads nothing weird about it just like to be stylish on new years when I only have a drink (doors don't close you out and don't have to watch that stuff on shops) Keep the faith british army, can't beat em.
  10. I shall mainly be wearing jeans a t-shirt and my own vomit probably with mine and other peoples blood
  11. It's not your plans (although I'm a bit shocked about the whole two pairs of socks thing & planning on having your mobile on silent in advance) - it's telling people about them!

    BTW - whilst we're on the subject, does anybody else here wear two pairs of socks?
  12. "Johnny Two Socks" does as far as I know.

    Let us know where you are going so I at least can avoid it like the plague, altough I do not head for clubs called 'Blue Oyster Club' and similar names so I should be safe.

    And in reference to a previous poster, WTF has this got to do with cooking?
  13. Just some boring mong who flatters himself that his oh-so-random posts will make us think that he is kooky and mysterious.
  14.'s the fucking DETAIL that's the killer. Not that anyone gives a fuck about any of this anyway, but I doubly don't give a fuck what hand you're fake ring is on. Likewise I give significantly less than a shit about what colour your boxers are, or whether you were going to open the window in the morning.

    The only possible thing that could intrigue anyone about that post, is what the bleedin' hell you were going to finish the last bit with. I can't imagine you typing anything MORE boring, but i'm sure you'da have managed.
  15. I can't think why anyone would wear two pairs of socks to go night-clubbing. :? Can't say I really give a fvck either. :? Best thing for you to do on your night out on the town for New Year's Eve is for you to get head-butted by the bouncer at your local gin mill and rubber-dicked while you're bent over. :p