My new training plan

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by canna5, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. [align=left]Hi guys,
    I want to say firstly I am not currently in the Army although I am thinking about joining the Forces. Im 20, around 13.4st not fat but not in the condition I could be. In the past when I have trained I have used the gym i.e treadmills (rarely) and heavy weights. I went to a slightly biased bodybuilding gym and they want you to take all the protein and bulk up. Not for me I want something else. This is what I wanna achieve in 8 weeks

    Become Fit and Lean again
    Get my mile and a half under 9 mins
    Do 20 pull ups and 80 press ups
    Become a Good Swimmer
    Lose bulk and stop being vain

    Not much then :D , I wont be using the Gym, unless I need a pull up bar. Just been paid off so I'll train twice a day. Here is what I will do in a week.

    Monday (Hard) am Circuit Training 9x3 sets, pm Intervals 8x100
    Tuesday Run am 35 min run, pm Swim 35 mins
    Wed OFF
    Thursday - Same as Monday
    Friday - Run 35 min, 30 min Swim
    Sun - Off

    In terms of nutrition? erm I'd guess Wholemeal Pasta, Rice and Bread, Porridge, Chicken, Fish, Fruit, Veg, Water, Youghart, Milk and things that are low in fat. That would make probably take up all of my diet for a week.

    Any extra advice you could give me would be great. Maybe by the time I have finished my plan I might no which Service/Reg I want to join. Great site too, has been really helpful.[/align]
  2. Hello. Whenever I set my own training plan I leave it for a few hours, go back to it and pick it apart because it's all just words on paper and may look good at the time of writing but be completely imbalanced. Then I adjust it.

    Yours looks imbalanced. I can't question your goals because I don't know what your fitness level is. So I have three questions:

    1. Why 2 full days rest? Over 8 weeks you will miss 16 days valuable training.
    2. What does your circuit training comprise of?
    3. Is it your intention to run that program for the entire 8 weeks?

    Why I think it's imbalanced:

    1. Hard circuit and intervals on the same day. That's 2 hard sessions.
    2. Run and swim, both of your aerobic/recovery on the same day.
    3. 2 days innactivity as mentioned.

    What seems to be missing:

    1. Proper endurance session or a day set aside for you to build up this endurance (run or swim, preferably run). You would require a endurance base to allow for those circuits and intervals. Two rest days is not a substitute. A endurance base would allow you to a. recover and b. train 7 days a week thus progress further, quicker.

    If training 7 days a week is not for you, fine, or altering your program at all, fine, just be aware though that to achieve all of your goals (though I'm not sure how close to them you already are), it takes commitment. No commitment = wishy washy results.
  3. Thanks for your reply Mr LOVE

    Oddly I have just bought Adrian Weale's (fighting fit) book and it was based on that. For the first few weeks i'll do 5 days and then probably up it to 6. Sticking to the basics really will add bergen running and fartlek training later on. Saying that yes it does look imbalanced maybe on the Sat I should do another Multigym with Sprints or a game of sqaush.

    My Circuit would be
    Press ups 40
    Sit ups 40
    Dips 30 (10lb weight)
    Tri Dips 40
    Alt Arm to Leg 25
    Lunges 20
    Pull ups 8-10
    Crunches 40
    Knees 2 Chest 20

    If I can do that in Week 1, great but I will need to build up to that.

    I got the hard/easy days from the Inside Elite Forces Fitness Training section. They do recommend Yoga :D mind an American wrote it. I think that plan now that the Saturday has been changed is quite demanding esp for Week One. Of course as I progress my reps will increase, be able to run faster and longer.

    If you have a plan, please share :D
  4. Plan? Well, you seem to have it covered and decided. Be careful not to follow a schedule from one book, chop it about from something you've read elsewhere then blame both if things don't work out. Give one method a chance to work or fail on it's own merit then tweak later.

    Every time you will learn something from every person you speak to, every article you read and from your own training experience. This will enable you to write your own, balanced schedule in the future.

    I'm still not convinced by what you intend doing over the next 8 weeks but it's better than doing nothing so get stuck in.
  5. Why not? You are confusing me!
  6. Like I said, it's imbalanced. No endurance base to allow for the speedwork. Like you said, from a book and doing it for 8 weeks. If you are close to your goals then it should be OK, if you need to reduce your BFT time significantly then there's just not enough endurance or running in that schedule. Two 35 minute runs a week and two 8x100m sprints is unlikely to bring your BFT down.
  7. Ahh yes I get you now, finally!

    The intervals are progresive maybe in Week 3 I could my run but add in Interval for e.g. In Week 3 it goes up to 8x200. To be honest I don't know what I would run BFT time in, probably 10.30 but that would be guessing.
  8. 10:30 down to 9:00 in 8 weeks would be a great result even with the best running schedule available to you. Not impossible, but tough.

    Personally I would be looking to do somethig like this:

    Mon - a.m. 30 mins easy run p.m. circuits
    Tue - a.m. 30 mins easy run p.m. speedwork
    Wed - a.m. 45 mins easy run p.m. swim
    Thu - a.m. 30 mins easy run p.m. circuits
    Fri - a.m 30 mins easy run p.m. speedwork
    Sat - a.m. swim p.m. rest
    Sun - 60 mins easy run p.m. rest


    1. Plenty of easy running, a medium longer run mid week and a longer run on the Sunday. This is typical of how a novice running athlete (2 speed only) would set their weekly training.

    2. A day of rest from running on Saturday. I know how much you want to take a day off!

    3. 2 circuits, 4 days apart

    4. 2 speed, 4 days apart

    5. 2 swim, 4 days apart (re. 3,4 and 5. Seven days in a week so impossible to keep these sessions totally apart, circuits and swim (upper body mainly) have been kept apart where possible).

    6. Almost forgot to mention, it's balanced.

    Summary: If you do your runs about the same time each day (though not that important) you will have 24 hours between steady runs. These runs are always very easy. Your evenings will always be the harder session of the day. The speedwork should include at least 10-15 mins jog warm up, stretching and strides and no less than a short jog/walk cool down.

    For the first few days you will eat like a horse and sleep like a baby!
  9. What's your height? (I weigh more then you and I'm older...however that's more years training)
    What have you done before?
    How much running have you done before (thats a biggie regarding your weight)?

    edit- do you want to lose weight or get into a high level of conditioning?
    They are not mutually exclusive (again, depends on your height and how much training you have done before).

    Bare in mind, a rough guide is for every 4 kg you lose, you can remove 1 minute from your 1 mile run time (ish, I remember it quited by someone but it could be COMPLETE balls).
  10. well great well done in putting the effort in ect but you seem to be missing the point a little!

    if my aim was to as you say

    Become Fit and Lean again
    Get my mile and a half under 9 mins
    Do 20 pull ups and 80 press ups
    Become a Good Swimmer
    Lose bulk and stop being vain

    i would in the most basic form! eat less! then run do press ups and chin ups and swim!

    its sounds basic but unless you do them a lot how do you expect to get better at them!
  11. To Ian,

    Height wise im 1.76
    I should be around 12.2 but if I got to that my bones would start sticking out again. 12.6 would be great for me.

    Mostly Football which took up my cv and the circuit above was what I did last summer with much higher reps obviously. My best mile and a half time was 9.15 but when I ran that I was heavier than I am now just not fitter.

    Probably conditioning, I've got enough muscle and I dont wanna put too much on. I am gonna try Panda's plan up there it looks really good for what I want. Plus I could lose under a stone in 3 weeks so no sweat about that.

    To ex northener- Yeah well I'll improve reps in the circuits as I go on.Say I start with 25 press ups in the circuit and add 4 every week over the 8 weeks thats 57. Same with Chins and so on. OK, so maybe 40 press ups x 3 is a bit OTT for Day One

    Thanks for your replies anyways
  12. What's your weight in normal terms?

    So you've done some running before then, thats something.
    I would suggest you don't just run. Do other cv work, but only run 2-3 times a week. If you're not used to it, you could develop a injury which will be a kick in the balls. I would also agree with the long distance endurance sessions. They are a must (one a week would do as long as they are tough).
    My 1.5 in february was 9 min 4 and I hadn't done any running up until that point (not through laziness, through a groin strain) since November. I got to that point by boxing and doing some long cycling sessions (playing about with heart rates).
  13. Well 13.4, but i can get down to 12.6 and with the training it is easily sustainable.

    yup the run is pretty straight forward once I nail that I can do better things.

    Boxing is mint cv tho
  14. I think you'll find it's not

    Not if you used to be good, decided to have a break, come back and the new people you've heard about you try to impress you....while you're still unfit.

    Buy some GOOD running shoes from a shop that specialises in running. They will get the best fir for you. Very much worthwhile. If you think there isn't one near you - think again and have another look.