My New M1 Garand: A Mind-Numbingly Tedious Account

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by AubreyGerrard, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. Well, I think that's great, and I congratulate all concerned, except the drill pig.

    Mind you, how they ever came to think that an 8 round en bloc clip was a good idea beats me. The received wisdom is that they didn't want a magazine extending below the line of the woodwork. Surely they could have accepted just a little bulge and given it a 10 round clip, as I believe was originally intended, albeit using a smaller cartridge? Would a 12 round clip have worked? 16? 20?

    But anyway, well done for preserving history.
  2. Having read that, I feel that I know more than any human should about he insides of a Garand......

    Just shoot the bloody thing man, and then get back here and report! Stay off the Newky Brown the night before though eh? :p
  3. Originally the Garand was designed for a cartridge of about 27 calibre and would have had a 10 round clip. For that era, that was quite exceptional, however a senior General, whose name I have forgotten, stuck his oar in and ordered the rifle to be made for 30-06 on the grounds that Uncle Sams Army still had millions of rounds in that calibre in stock. There was a version developed in WWII with a 20 rd mag and selective fire, the M14 was in fact not much more than a go faster Garand in 7.62 Nato.
    Still a damn good rifle even if it does kick like a mule. Mine can do about 2" at 100 mtr on a good day.
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Twas Pershing who insisted .30 was the minimum needed and Julian S Hatcher who killed the .280/30 later!
    That said killing their own .27 was a mistake but had it been accepted we would have been using the EM2 by Korea!
    The .27 Pederson was an incredible round and standard FMJ ball was capable of penetrating the armour plate used on the M2 White Scout cars and the M3 half tracks.
  5. [​IMG]

    I finally did it. Put about 8 enbloc clips through it today. all I can say.

    Never experienced anything like it. It bucks like a mule on steroids, and functioned flawlessly. No thumb injuries.

    A couple of buddies gave me one bandolier of USGI ball ammo, and twenty armour piercing rounds. Ping! Everything was perfect.

    One guy well-versed in Garands, said the rifle was a real thing of beauty, and questioned whether I should be shooting it because of how nice it is. (I told him I was going to use it, not abuse it nor hang it on a wall) He said the trigger action was beautiful. He was very impressed, as were the others present.

    Several folks present had great info and pointers for me, and they were very jealous.
  6. Aubrey - Thanks for the link to the blog. It certainly brought back memories of the mid 60's for me. If you haven't completed the refinishing have you thought of omitting the poly and just doing the hand rubbed boiled linseed oil finish. Tiny amounts of oil and LOTS of rubbing with your bare hand. That's what we did back in the day.

    Thanks for the post
  7. I used to have an M1, I used it for game drives here, pigs and reds. It did the job well, the only down side was it's a very noisy weapon to load and those ejecting clips are a pain in the arse to find in dark woodland.
  8. I have a Beretta-made 308 version, one of the half-inch shorter ones. Beautiful, and after the 1st 2 clips it worked flawlessly.

    Reason for 8 rounds: the extra half inch required for an extra 2 rounds seriously screws up the geometry of the rather "interesting" linkage system down there...

    What's amazing about the things is that they are incredibly complex, yet only have if I remember correctly 68 parts, including screws etc. As a result, the geometry on some of the parts is quite interesting, particularly the operating rod.

    Aside from the AR 10, it's the softest shooting full-calibre semiauto I have ever come across.
  9. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    In the past I have owned all three M1/M14 and the Mini 14,which ids the one I liked the best, had less recoil than my Weirauuch air rifle
  10. Garands work better with a Light coating of Grease rather the lube oil on the Bolt, cams, oprod.

    As to why .30 caliber, blame then Chief of Staff Douglas MacArthur who maintained a enormous stockpile of .30Caliber M2 for the rest of the Army's small arms. Consider that a .280 would be odd man out among the BAR's, Water & Aircooled Brownings, Lewis Guns, Aircraft Marlins, '03 and M1917 Rifles.

    It wasn't Hatcher who killed the .280 by the way, it was Col. Rene Studler, Chief of US Army Ordnance R&D (Also responsible for replacing the Thompson with the M3 Greasegun & the acquisition of the M1 Carbine)
  11. I'm currently trying to work out where the half inch on my Beretta Garand was taken out of. I have a suspicion it is under the front handguard.

    Without having a "proper" one to compare with, it's difficult to tell.

    Could one of you chaps with a full length one please measure for me the length of the front handguard, measured from the edge of the middle band to the edge of the front band, i.e. just the exposed wood between the 2 bands?

    Much obliged.

    This is not an issue now, but it becomes an issue should I need to change the barrel at some point -- Lothar Walther do a drop-in barrel, however it is full length and I don't know how they would feel about doing a shorter one. If the missing half inch is under the front handguard it's just a matter of getting a different front handguard and different operating rod. If it is partly under the front handguard and partly under the forend, then it's a whole new stock.
  12. Cancel my last -- it turns out that the shortening is under the stock.

    Thus I would require a new stock, rear handguard and operating rod...