My new Canon 70-200mm F2.8 L Series Lens

Discussion in 'Photography' started by chieftiff, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. Even though everyone I have ever met who has one of these lenses insists it is literally the worlds best I have always believed that they are a bit of a gimmick, designed to separate rich folk from their money however I have always secretly fancied one, because they are white and all the professionals have them. Well, I got promoted this week and with that promotion comes a significant pay rise so with those merry words I explained to Mrs Chieftiff that I deserved a gift to myself for working so hard. I couldn't stretch to the cost of one with IS so was concerned that I may have sold myself short....... not at all, I am truly stunned. It is the fastest, clearest. quietest lens I have ever used and the picture quality is stunning, in fact the only problem with it is it's a bit of a weight but i can live with that.

    If you are considering this but doubt they are worth the money then seriously, think again, this is a whole different class of lens. I shall now be selling every non L series canon lens I have and start saving up to replace them................ well not quite, but I will only be buying this quality of glass in the future, it is outstanding. Here is one I took this afternoon at Rutland Owl and Falconry Centre an overcast murky day in the middle of a wood, no flash and at F2.8.

    American Red Faced Eagle
  2. L glass is the only way to maximise the output of your Canon. Shame you couldn't stretch to the IS lens as I'm a rabid advocate of it as the best telephoto lens ever produced. Still, you'll get some superb images at f/2.8, and is incomparably superior to the f/4 version.

    IS was mega because of its weather-sealing, so when I took it out with my 5d mkii in the rain (light, not heavy) I was happy that it'd be fine.

  3. Sad to say as an owner of the f/4, I fully agree :-(
  4. I spent loads of time with non branded (sigma, tamron et al) whe i splashed out on my D700 I decided it deserved some decent glass.

    The difference is immense, my 24-70 2.8 nikon is sharp as a razor and the colour is spot on.
    Next purchase will be the 70-200 2.8 VR2.
  5. In fairness I have a great Sigma 120-400mm f4.5-5.6 with a 4 stop stabiliser, it was half the price of this lens and for that money well worth it, it has done me well the last few months, however as explained this is just a different class of lens but at a different class of price! I've been processing these Raw files and the obvious thing to me is clarity and colour - My normal workflow when I've used the sigma includes winding up the saturation a touch and increasing vibrance but these have captured it exactly, I was thinking of upping my camera to a 5d MkII but now I'm not sure I need to:

    Great Grey Owl

  6. That is the quality of Photo I'd like. Will have to sell the wife into slavery ;-)