My neighbours are lazy fekers!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ex-Ten, Jan 21, 2013.

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  1. Once the snow had stopped falling last night I cleared the footpath in front of my home and spread some salt to stop it freezing. Anyone who served in BAOR will know that's normal in Germany.

    I'd hoped that the neighbours might take the hint and follow my example, good thing I'm not holding my breath. You might be tempted to call them a load of c..ts, but remember a c..t is useful (for two things if you include peeing)!

    Is anyone clearing the pavements where you live?
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  2. Are people not scared off by "If you touch the councils snow/ice, some twat can sue you".
    See Lawyers are for Profit adverts all over the place.

  3. I did mine and helped to clear a couple of drives for elderly neighbours.

    I wish all the ******* at the top of the street would muck in, then we could clear the road as well, instead of a 2" thick sheet of ice for the next month or more.
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  4. FrosteeMARIA

    FrosteeMARIA LE Gallery Guru

    The old fella that used to live across the street (sadly passed away a few months ago) used to clear not only his immediate neighbours driveways, but those of around 8-9 other houses nearby, mine included, and the footpath up to the pasture for the doggie walkers. I told him he really didn't need to worry about clearing my path/driveway, but he insisted; said it gave him "something to do, and I enjoy the fresh air". It's just not the same without him!
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  5. That was revealed as a load of rubbish years ago, hasn't stopped lazy people using it as an excuse not to clear their snow mind you.

    For the record, you'd only risk being sued if you cleared the snow with such utter stupidity as to create a greater hazard (eg, melting it with hot water than then sets into black ice).
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  6. That suing crap is an urban myth. If you've acted sensibly there's no problem.

    Should some twat melt the snow with a kettle of water leaving a skating rink behind they need to be kicked in the teeth! :thumright:

    PS Pigshyt_Freeman clearly types faster than me!!!
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  7. Apart from me, guess how many others clear the path outside their gaff on my road. None of the idle cnuts, that's how many.

    The cnuts.
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  8. When I was a youngster in the North it was normal for people to clear the snow outside their houses, and that of those to old or ill. I am old enough to remember the snow of 1963. The streets were not lined with parked cars in those days. They are now, that is the main reason people don`t want the gutters piled high with cleared snow.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, don't worry I won't mention you if I get caught.
  10. Stuck on camp this weekend, but last time we had ice I was straight in there with some salt on the communal path to our apartments - mainly so I wouldn't break my neck when I came home slightly worse for drink that night...
  11. Today's top tip
    when the milf next door asks to borrow your gas blow torch to de-ice her dishwasher outlet pipe,advise her a kettle of hot water would be a better bet.
    Being a proper gentleman,I went and did the job for her.
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  12. My neighbours steadfastly refuse to clear the snow, so it's up to me to lead by example.

    Mind we only get real snow about once every decade. Are you lot up to your oxters in freezing cold white stuff then?
    We got some sun at lunchtime.
  13. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I don't bother clearing my being half a mile long and all.

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  14. I've got some old **** who lives near me, always ******* moaning about people not clearing the snow, mad old bastard he is. Say's he was in the Army, something to do with a wild Baor, (he can't even spell it), I try not to listen to old fart he's clearly lost his marbles.
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  15. That's what the gardeners are for at this time of year. Otherwise they will just sit around in the greenhouses getting bored.
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