My Name Is Earl; funniest TV programme ever?

Been a fan for a long time, very dry and well observed. Joy and the Deaf Lawyer episodes are best, as is the COPS spoof
Just watched the Cops ce soir.

Hope all well at Chilwell, youth.
I love it but "Big Bang Theory" also rocks me
Joy would get it,

and i have been trawling the papers for a latino cleaner who doubles as a pole dancer.

Earl what a guy (and some tache)
I watched it avidly, but have only seen up to the middle of the season where Earl is in the nick.
Top programme, laugh out loud funny. The wife hates it (and Big Bang Theory), and so leaves the room on a Thursday Night to go and watch some cack about buying bloody houses or whatnot upstairs.

that is some set of lungs she has!
You can youtube the cleaner - the lovely catalina - and watch her dancing just for you. Brilliant. Her real name is Nadine Velazquez. Mind you, she does look better with her clothes on. Not enough meat for me.

As for Joy, pictured above, OMG! One fiesty tart - worth a shag and then bugout, fast.
I am trying to perfect my raised eyebrow and cocked head as we speak, thought it would look good in meetings with clients whent hey say something that only they think is clever.

Catalina, erm, erm, oops pass the tissue paper quickly
Schleswig-Holstein said:
tropper66 said:
I love it but "Big Bang Theory" also rocks me
Good to see that is isn't just me.... Cracking stuff, and as a science-geek, it is good to see some decent pish-taking of scientists.

I'd also love to do Penny up the wrong 'un
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