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My Mum Says

......That all you officers like to chase us lot around, and that we are not to listen to your nonsense because you will hurt our bums.

Mike the sheep
Gables Field
Thats not strictly true with all of them. Some of the nicer ones (normally from the Corps) actually apply ointments, herbs balms or a little bit of spittle so that it doesnt actually hurt your bottom at all. Some of them even say that they love you. But granted, most of them just fu*k you over as long as they get what they want!!!
....and bring your own KY jelly  
I feel a debate coming on here and according to ALS, with this new HRA shenanigans a debate there has to be.
The Co said "....first thing tomorrow"

Well now, is that an invitation? an order?
Define first thing. Do we need to define first and then thing?
Am I just waffling?
Is OSCA monitoring how long it is going to take until first thing?
Sorry I need some answers.


War Hero
For an officer, first thing can mean any of the following:

1.    Corps Officer: 0800, just after the last of the chaps.  Have to keep Staff happy, don't you know!

2.    Inf Officer:  0830 - 0900, with Colour and mutual hangover.

3.    Houshold Officer:  Sometime maybe, but only on a Tuesday and Wednesday. (Can't let the morning get in the way of the weekend!)

4.    Professionally Qualified:  It doesn't really matter.  The Padre only at 0900 on a Sunday, the ALS at 1105, just late for the GCM and the Doctors, never.  That's what Locums are for!


War Hero
RSM, my dear chap!

Just seen your Moderating Message!

One would dearly like to attend your mess again at some time!  Perhaps an invitation is in order.  One would not now wish to turn up without one, don't you know.
Have relaxed the rules a tad all officers are welcome to pop in as long as they stand their round and behave. Of course one of your chaps will stand your round Im sure, that Captain Aden Camp fellow.
CGS Your drink is flat. Do we need to run the free the CGS One in earnest now or what?
will wait until you have had your interview before running the posters. Coffee in my mes if your boss is not supplying!!


Book Reviewer
will wait until you have had your interview before running the posters. Coffee in my mes if your boss is not supplying!!
If the interview goes particularly badly, we might need to look at offering CGS a position as a Mess Manager or steward :(

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