My MP,s reply about Sgt Roberts

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by syledis, Jan 4, 2007.

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  1. I emailed my Mp after the Coroners report on Sgt Roberts death and the whole Body Armour issue. I asked what she thought of the decision by Hoon not to purchase it for 8 weeeks and should he be charged under Health and safety Regs. I mentioned i would publish her reply on this website and in the local newspapers.Here is what i got back:

    Dear Mr ********,
    Thank you for your email dated 19 December 2006 and for raising this issue with me. I also am concerned about the circumstances of the death of Sergeant Roberts and the recent decision by the Coroners Court but would not wish to make a public statement until I have heard the Governments response to this recent decision. I have therefore written to the Minister asking for a detailed response to the Coroners decision and indeed the points you make in your email. I will respond to you in detail once I receive this. The job of the armed forces is, by its very nature, dangerous and cannot be risk free but in my view it is incumbent on those sending soldiers into danger to provide them with the protective equipment they require to reduce the risk of death or serious injury.
    The publicity generated by the death of Sergeant Roberts has resulted in a public debate about the safety of the troops and the equipment provided to them. In that regard his death has, I believe, emphasised the priority which should be given to ensuring that troops are properly equipped.
    I will respond to you more fully in the New Year but in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact me again if you wish to raise other matters with me.
    With best wishes
    Katy Clark
    Member of Parliament
    North Ayrshire and Arran

    Reminds me of the song lyrics:

    "You say it best, when you say nothing at all"

    I have emailed her back saying she hasnt answered my question and will keep at her to get an opinion. Could be a long drawn out affair.
  2. not a tory or lib/dem MP then...

    "Please Mr. Bliar, what should I say?"
  3. If you can, take up a new hobby, like my dad has, Stalk the MP .

    After repeatedly getting fob off letters about his complaints about why our troops arent being supplied properly, he started attending her surgerys and asking the same questions , over and over again. Not just the local ones but travelling all over to see her. She was something like Hoons 2ic when he was the minister so she knew what the score was. She showed wha ta tw*t she was when dad gave an example of one of my sisters having to travel some distance out of Basra in a land rover when really it should have been something a bit more substational, if you know what I mean. Liz's reply was
    " well that was wrong. Couldnt she have questioned the order or refused to go ?"

    The look of increduality on my dads face was matched by one of her aides who laughed (he was abloke old enough to have done national service) . Dad just told her she obviously didnt have a clue, then asked her when & where her next public appearance was.

    This is the useless bint, interesting to see how she voted

    They work for you ? my arse.
  4. I like the bit in that link that shows what she voted for.....

    "Very strongly for the Iraq war."
    "Very strongly against investigating the Iraq war."

    I think they teach you that in Politics 101, make the decision, but lets have no investigating if it doesn't go quite to plan afterwards!. Brilliant!!!
    In the words of Jeremy Paxman, "Im going to be frightfully rude but could you answer the question?"

    Cheers Easy!
  5. Of course this has nothing to do with her old job:

    Parliamentary Private Secretary to ex-Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon

    Beware of upsetting her though, as she is in favour of the anti-terrorism laws and I.D. cards...
  6. MP for Erewash - Eyewash more like! Interesting hobby though - stalking MP's and asking difficult questions ... Hmm. I wonder if HMF would make it a a recognised sport?
  7. A quality idea, although you can only contact your own MP via email to raise such issues, like I've just done.

  8. Agreed Whit, but having sat down with him, this time last year for an hour and a half, and explained in words of one sylable that the wheels were off, and a brief outline of what action he could reasonably take, he did the square root of nothing. So, apathy maybe, but I can't decide whether to stand against him, or just continue on the book, which will name and shame him before the next election.

    Equally, my experience shouldn't put anyone off contacting their MP - I just hope that they get a better response than mine.
  9. Point taken, and I'm not holding my breath, but if nothing else, an avalance of emails will provide ample evidence that concerns were raised and not acted on if (god forbid) happens again...