My most cherished possession.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bernoulli, May 3, 2005.

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  1. During the last year or so that I have been using this site, I have come to see you Boys and Girls as a big, grubby, disturbed surrogate family, and it would be no exaggeration to say that I love you all.

    As a token of my regard I would like to share something special with you all.

    This little beauty.


    This is my favourite w*nk sock, and today marks the fifteenth anniversary of it being commissioned into use.

    Over many years and many ships, it has been my best and very often only friend.

    It has resided in magnificent, pestilent and malodorous and sticky glory on the vent trunk above my pit, and at least two unwary Matelots are still in therapy after encountering it while cleaning the overheads for rounds.

    As the time draws near to receive my LSGC gong, I have decided that the time has come for it to be put out to pasture, and possibly even washed.

    Fifteen years of service.
    3/05/1990 - 03/05/2005
  2. How often do you wash it? It looks pretty good for 15 years. Mine is but a rag now.
    Second thoughts, I've found a use for the issue headover!
  3. Blasphemy!! 8O

    You don't wash a grumble sock while it is in service, it kills all the personnality. :roll:
  4. Yes.. the colour seems in good shape for 15 years masterbatoury service.. did it see much hot sticky action in the field, or was it left back in barracks for a crafty stroke?
  5. The secret is to buy a good quality woolen sock, and only wash it when a lynch mob is at the door brandishing pitch forks and torches.

    That little fella has absorbed over fifty litres of Man-gravy over the years, Gentlemen, look on in awe...

    Anyway, you don't know what colour it was when I bought it... :D
  6. What the camera doesn't show of course, is that except for the top three inches the sides are irreversibly glued together...
  7. AWOL, your avatar has just prompted me to bring it out of retirement for one last time.
  8. Pass it this way in 14 seconds will you? :D
  9. bernoulli...Did you ever accidently put the sock on ...your foot.. after a drunken night of makin hot passionate love to your sock?
  10. bernoulli, Why dont you sell it post use, to some walt on E-bay..???
  11. SAS w*nk socks as used in secret operations, seen action in Iranian Embassy sieges, Falklands and Gulf war I+II :lol: