My mommy told me to ring...

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by vinniethemanxcat, Aug 21, 2011.

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  1. Just had the weirdest call yet.

    Sounded like a black American woman.... " Hi, this is Bella, my Mommy asked to call to say thanks for a great time the other night."

    Asked who it was, told the same shite, hung up, the bitch rang back about 10 times, finally stopped.

    Is this a random loony/ ********, or some new scam?
  2. Who cares??
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  3. You sure it wasn't Sluggy?
  4. If it's a new scam to plunder my call credit, I ******* care!!!!!
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    It was Tropper
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  6. On a incoming call?
  7. You should have invited her to see your puppies. :)
  8. Did you hear the jaunty tune to the Campdown races in the background ?
  9. Your too stupid to own a credit card or anything with sharp edges if you believe she can get your bank details by saying thanks.

    Maybe you need a new tinfoil hat, the old one aint working. :)
  10. It can be done using the old foreign call protocol. A few years back say you in London rang yer mate in New York. You only pay for the UK part of the call, he picks up the tab for the rest.

    I had a bloke I do work for ring me from his holiday home in Crete about his laptop having a fit, and the call cost ME over £22.
  11. Or as what happened to an oppo in London got a missed call. He rang back and got hit with a massive bill. Well the admin office in charge of the phone got the bill. We were warned off about it.

    Check your bluetooth is turned off also.

    As for the phone call itself why Michelle Obama got your number confuses me?
  12. haha, you got done.
  13. I know the international call bit, but the caller wont get that.

    A bait perhaps to call back and ask what the fcuk is going on at extortionate prices?

    This is why the first few seconds of any such call should be free, and explain the costs of such a call. Overnight the market for phone scams would be pointless. except that one where the bird goes in to your house and uses your phone...
  14. I wager it's a scam to get you to phone back. Is the number available or withheld?

    Might be worth doing a search to see if the prefix is for a premium rate call.

    It's also worth asking what the little girl's shitter smells like.
  15. Call me a crazy conspiracy theorist, but could it have been a wrong number?