my messiest follow thru

back in the 80s id been on an all day do in manchester and i had borrowed my brothers trousers who was in the marines at the time( that bit wasnt really important ) anyway id been on newcastle brown all day and in the wee small hours i was dropped off at the bus station to walk about 3 miles home.
any way i let one go and followed thru totally into his kegs staggered home and tried to clean myself up, went to bed after hanging his trousers up in the wardrobe.
next day i went back to camp not giving the matter another thought.
the following weekend my brother comes home on leave and decides to wear his good trousers whilst he takes his bird out!
imagine his suprise when he tries putting them on and realises they are still stuck together!
bootnecks have no sense of humour!
On a troop piss up this one time....

All was going well we were steaming, getting roudy in some high street before finding another watering hole. All of a sudden someone shouted something, pause of excitment...I turned to see a small circle had formed, with a lad in the middle of it and seeming like the start of a public spectical.

Shouting went up and word spread like wild fire that he had indeed shat is pants while on the piss. His posture had him wide eye'd, open mouthed and hunched, trousers half down round his ass being held up at the front which was the result of a belated attempt to better himself by dumping on the sidewalk.

Bouncers left there doors, groups of young girls got there mibile phones out and got there mates out of the locals to come and witness. The circle grow, the subject individual mildly pulled himself together and tried to 'waddle' out of the waves of scorn and shock that were lapping over him. However the circle actually flowed him down the high street picking up more innocent civilians on its way.

I shared a 5 seater hackney carriage with the guy and 7 others for the 15 min trip back to camp, never fought so hard for a window.

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