My Medical Worries - Inhalers and Eyesight

Hi, I've been reading through this forum and found it really helpful, cheers for all the good info and advice you guys have given!

I'm applying for The Parachute Regiment at the moment, and I'm up to the part where I'm filling out my medical forms and getting the docs to sign them. Two things are worrying me.

First off, I've had a repeat prescription for inhalers for ashtma since I was seven until I was sixteen, I inhaled a lot of smoke from a fire when I was seven and the paramedics diagnosed this as possibly ashtma, my parents took me to the doctors and got me the inhalers just incase I had one again and "suffocated to death" (as the Sgt. at the ACIO said, over protective parents can be a real kick in the balls) and I haven't had so much as a wheeze since, I've put myself down as not having had treatment or symptoms in four years on my application (despite the fact I've been had them on repeat prescription, I justified this as I haven't used the treatment since age 7), I'm going to talk to my doc about putting a note on my medical form about this so they dont dismiss me out of hand, but I'm wondering if I'm going to get a chance to explain this to the Army or whether they'll see the repeat prescription and bin me?

Second worry, I'm REALLY short sighted in my right eye, left eye is almost perfect, both are perfect when corrected with either contacts or specs (seriously considering laser eye surgery after Catterick after reading this forum) is there a ceiling as far as how shortsighted your eye/s can be or will you get in as long as they can be made perfect through corrective lenses?

Turned into a bit of an essay but if you've read all that I'd really appreciate some advice, Its not in my nature to worried about things but the thought of losing the opportunity to win a maroon beret because of something I can't do anything about is actually pretty bloody scary =)
Best to talk to your doctor about the repeat prescription issue - if you've not used it since you've been seven, why's s/he still prescribing it for you (presumably salbutamol/ventolin?).

On the eyesight question - I'd be very careful about laser eye surgery as I'm sure I read something in Soldier magazine recently about this and not having it done without first consulting a defence opthalmologist.


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Ask your doc about doing a spirograph test as well. Although if you've not been using the inhalers why keep going back for the repeat prescriptions? Presumeably you have 9 years of unused ventolin in cupboards at home?
Dont have laser eye without consulting someone because I read that certain types of treatment interfere with night-vision equipment.

As for the asthma thing, sounds tricky. I called my careers office today and they said that although I currently "have" asthma according to my medical record, if I havnt used an inhaler in 4 years it will be fine. Although I havnt been picking up repeat perscriptions like you but the careers guy seemed pretty confident that I wouldnt have any problems whatsoever as long as I havnt used for 4 years.

As for the eyes; don't know if you've heard of PULHEEMS?

EE stands for left/right eye.

EE goes from level 8 (worst 6/30) to level 1 (best 6/6) - different CEGs have different PULHEEMS requirements - for example tanks are 3 corrected to 1 whereas Mil Clerk is 8 corrected to 1.

Not sure about Infantry/Paras - your ACIO will have it on the Job Brief though.
Thanks for the replies, some good advice, I'll ask about a spirograph test when I go to see the doc, and from the sound of it the medical form isn't the be all and end all, which is reassuring. The think with inhalers seems to be that they expire after certain amount of time, so dear ol' mum obviously felt they had to be replaced 'just in case', I cancelled the repeat prescription as soon as I could at age 16, so being 18 now, as far as my medical records are concerned I've been medicated for ashtma within the last four years.

I hadn't heard about PULHEEMs, I understand that though so I'll try and find out, its not on the Job Brief I've been given so it'll need a call to the ACIO, the Sergeant there dismissed any shortsightedness as not being a problem since I don't wear corrective lenses day to day so hopefully I'm going to be fine on this front.

Almost feels like actually making it into P coy will be the hard part at the moment. =)

Cheers for the replys lads
i have simialr worries about eyesight, both are bad but my right eye is boarderline, i passed my selection yesterday but im more worried about my next visit to the optitians, im afraid of some eye doc telling me my right eye has got worse or somthing, then what?
from the pulhheems manual

Eyesight requirements for Para regt

(parachutists) 8/3 (right eye) 8/8 left eye

to decypher this then

6/6 = 1
6/9 = 2
6/12 = 3
6/18 = 4
6/24 = 5
6/36 = 6
6/60 = 7
less than 6/60 = 8

so if you can get a score of 6/60 or better in both eyes and with glasses improve it to 6/12 or better in just your right eye its all good.

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