My mates step-son

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LBdr_Pigshagger, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. Got this letter sent home from School.

    His parents and myself spent all of Saturday night laughing our bollocks off about it. I don't think I've ever read a better letter from a school. The boy clearly has potential..

    Thomas, I salute you, young man......
  2. Lol. Outstanding red team!

    He'll go far........
  3. I hope to see him at The Army v Navy this year then.
    A few beers down his young neck.......................Will save anyone else the military fine..................Go Thomas!
  4. well of COURSE he did it for a laugh!! Why else??? Has the headmaster NO sense of humour!!! The boy was a rugby player,he'll do a lot worse before his knees give out on him!!! :thumright:
  5. Actually, he was a bored spectator.

    I love the way the letter is worded, though. You can almost feel the Headteacher spitting on his keyboard as he typed it.
  6. Good drills young man. Thats fucking ridiculous that they're "questioning his application to the VIth form". I had just the same jobsworth cunts as head of year at my old VIth Form.

    They should come to a normal rugby club for a nights antics and then try and say that what he did was stupid and extreme!

    Naked Bar all the way!

  7. well tell him..with his talent for taking his clothes off and running around just for the hell of it,he must take up rugby immediately! We MUST not let this kind of talent go un-nurtured! And if he can do weird stuff with his foreskin,he'll definately go far :applaud:
  8. Yeah, if he's up for doing that sort of thing at such a young age, then he's got potential for the future.

    Marines or Paras?

    He'll be headhunted at this rate!!!
  9. This lad needs to forget the sixth form and enlist as soon as he can... :thumright:
    They'd probably have called the police if he'd done it naked... :roll:
  10. I thought the same! Bet his head was doing this > :pissedoff:

    He may be head teacher of a school in Essex but I bet he lives in Tunbridge Wells...! :D
  11. Too far away to help. Can somebody please teach this excellent young man favourite tricks e.g. blowing up the Rubber Johnny stretched over the head as a Benny Cap using the nose. Some songs would help- Foreskin Fusiliers.

    FFS Sir needs to wind down and relax. :brilsmurf:
  12. I've always felt deprived at not having one to play with...thanks parents :pissedoff:
  13. my 7 year old can wind his round his finger TWICE!He goes into a funny boss eyed trance while he's doing it too...wind wind aaannnnddd release,wind wind aaannnd release!!! :slow: maybe its a soothing thing....NOT!!
  14. And you watch him doing it......

  15. Hahahaha!

    I almost did something like this at one my rugby matches, but the ref tackled me down just after id got my shirt off....good lad for doing it though!