My Mate Graham Sent This To Me....

Dunno how many times the mime has been done but it made me giggle :)
That's pretty funny actually :D
arby said:
how many times has this been done?

Ooooh look at the old sweat there.

Funny as fcuk but should still have gone in the vids sticky up the page. :D
Fair play, that's fecking funny!
NSFW? Wossat then? Oh, just worked it out for myself, Sorreeee!
hotel_60 said:
Sorry but that was fcuking pump. Two knobbers miming to some country sh!te?

Are you and Graham 'fond of each other'?
Did you try listening to the words? Funny as fcuk.
"...Are you and Graham 'fond of each other'?..."

Well, erm, doesn't the title of the thread give you a clue mate? Of course we are.

If you didn't enjoy it, you don't have to listen to it again. There, is that any better?
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