My mate asked me to bum him

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Monkian, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. My friend is soon to be joining the Marines and he said that as a going away present he wants me to give him a bumming so that he knows what to expect when he starts training. I told him he was sick but he said it's really important to him and he wants me to do this one favour for him before he heads off for his 30 weeks commando training.

    I'm scared that bumming my frined will make me a gay. What should I do?
  2. I think we've all tired of your trolling wah like activities on here, fcuknuts. It was funny for at least 3 seconds but, as you will know barby, we have a short attention span.

    Go away nonce.
  3. Yeah, do one you bender!!!!
  4. Have any of you guys given out a bumming. Or have you ever taken a bumming? Please give details.
  5. Mods, please remove this fcuking retard from this site!!!!
  6. I thought the SA80 stuff was quite amusing, but this is fairly pisspoor. So pisspoor, in fact, that I agree with Pyrex. This monkey chappie wants fcuking with the bell end of a rag man's trumpet.

    Booties? None better.

    That's enough 'wahs' from this tit, ed.
  7. Jesus, where did this fecktard spring from. Ah yes the super walt wah merchant.
    Face it Monkeyboy, you haven't got any friends, who want 'bumming' or otherwise. you're just a sad lonely little boy, who's read a few McNabs.
    Feck off and mong it up somewhere else.
    PS (An ex RM)
  8. More throb jockeys getting on Arrse pls.
  9. oh my budda you are just a complete twat for even asking, i wish you be tied to a post and shot you complete cnut. you are actually thinking about it aswell. go get a fcuking op then you can take aswell. oh my budda i just puked down myself.