My local TA Regt is a shambles

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by brianand, Oct 13, 2010.

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  1. Having been a reg but out for 12 years (and too old for regular re-joining) I have decided to go the TA route. After 6 weeks of forms and interviews and medicals etc, I had my in house selection last night, which was essentially a BFT/PFT and thats it. What struck me was that there was 11 guys who attended this PT evening including 3 of us who were new guys, 2 of which are ex regular.

    What struck me 1st of all was the complete lack of discipline amongst the guys. Even whilst having a dressing down from the CSM they were piss arseing about, when we were doing PT there was constant chatter, and answering back to the PTi. And no one was prepared to get a grip of the lads at all. There was no standard of dress for the PT and there were people with boots on and 3/4 legth shorts, some barefeet, it was ludicrous

    The run was hard going, after all this time but I still beat two other lads by a minute who were in there early 20's, have been on Op's etc etc... the standards are awful, I just hope its not indicative of general standards

    Has the army changed so much since the 90's or am I wishful thinking that it should still be?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Nostalgia ain't what it used to be...
  3. I dont even think with a nostalgic (sp) view it could be seen as anything other than a cluster F*ck last night mate. The PTI was a decent bloke but unsure of what he was supposed to be doing and instilled no discipline or confidence in anything! I know blokes will always do the bear minimum given half the chance but it is no excuse for not making them/us work hard etc etc....
  4. Was this actually a parade night or an adhoc pt session ?
  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It was an induction evening, what did you expect? An impromptu inspection from the badge followed by a CFT just for being a bunch of slovenly *****?

    Anyway, name and shame, which chipsville unit was it?
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Have you been living in this country for long? You appear to be struggling with using the English language.
  7. I strongly suspect that I was in attendance last night at this parade. Therefore I will base my answer on that premise, but if not, please disregard! I can confirm that:

    a) no, it is not like the regs
    b) last night was probably a bad example for an ex-reg to witness in terms of his first contact with a unit. We have had quite a few intense weeks (in terms of training on drill nights, weekends, Herrick selection etc) and last night was a case of (and we were told of this in advance) PFTs for non-Herrick, GPMG/WHTs for those going on Herrick, then get socialising for a bit.

    However, I appreciate why you have the impression you do, but what I would say is, don't expect it to be like the regs, it isn't. Saying that, we are a set of good lads (if I do say so myself!), many of whom have been on Ops as you say (of whom several have done 2 years with a regular Btn), and you do integrate very quickly, with some effort. There are also a few ex-regs, especially SNCOs, who i'm sure have shared your initial thoughts at one time or another!

    Get the crap bits such as selection out of the way (which you will hate, I guarantee that!), give it a chance and get involved.

    Hope to see you there again.
  8. It wasnt just an induction evening, there were 3 new guys joining in the scheduled PT session which was there BFT/PFT, as I said from the 3 of us 2 of us are ex reg, and both were shocked just how crap things were. I wont name and shame just yet as I am sincerely hoping it was a one off, and its not as vvank as that all the time, however I am lead to believe it is and can be.

    I will certainly be going for promotion once I have attended the requisite training cadres, and still hope that being older than the majority of blokes I can help in getting things a bit more squared away in the future!
  9. Ah good, another ex reg to show the stabs the way.
  10. I dont doubt that everyone is nice etc, and everyone was welcoming and chatty etc, it just bugged me with the indiscipline etc. I am not expecting it to be like the regulars, but I was expecting dicipline and less cocking about and more people knowing what they were doing.

    I am certainly not against things changing etc, but I would expect more professionalism from the blokes. Albeit two of us are ex reg, any civvy joining up would think its more the Cadet night than the TA, and this is whats disappointing. Dont you agree?
  11. I think the discipline you are seeking will involve a lot of "cocking" if you aren't a naughty boy
  12. I agree in some sense (hence I immediately thought this was my unit) however, I do feel you exaggerate a little. Jogging out of file, yes, chatter, yes. But high spirits also; noone was being a total mong (well, almost noone!) You get that with young lads who are only in the TA and not the regs; until they've been on tour you just won't get the same level of discipline from them i'm afraid.

    One piece of advice I would give is don't expect to do a JNCO (or SNCO?) Cadre and go in and change everything, but you probably know this already. Most (all I think?) of our SNCOs have been in the regs at one point, some still are but are on a posting to the TA, and have several tours under their belt, so they know what they are doing I reckon...

    I appreciate your points, but just don't set your expectation levels too high (which i'm sure you now won't!) I will assure you, however, it is totally different on exercise; professionalism is very high, believe it or not...


  13. ............... :-D
  14. Ps I thought it was worth mentioning I passed the PFT with flying colours and didn't have bare feet :)
  15. High Spirits I agree with and it shows a good sense of comraderie, but to an outsider it shows ill discipline. I dont think I have the ability to change the world least of all the unit, but I would expect things to be a little different. I know its difficult with young lads and it being the TA too, that it has to be switched on, on a Tuesday night and off again for the rest of the week etc etc.

    I am not having a go at any indivduals, as it is the position of the JNCO's and SNCO's to sort this kind of thing out, and it would appear they are happy with the way things are and thats that.

    I sincerely hope that on excercise and more military bearing nights things will be different and more enjoyable.

    I am actually looking forward to getting stuck in with the lads and the unit as a whole and enjoying my time