My little soldier

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by MSI64, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. Just watched my little one take his first steps very proud dad just need him to talk now.
    Just wanted to share with everyone
  2. good news... next step ICFT
  3. Drill lesson start on Monday
  4. Nice one MS :wink:

    MS Junior - GET ON THE HEEL !
  5. Then you'll spend the rest of his/her life telling them to shut the fcuk up :twisted:
  6. Nice one, no stopping him now :):)

  7. How old is your rug rat? Mine is 5 months. All mine wants to do is stand up and sit up.
  8. He has just turned 1 he loves to shout now bit like his dad
  9. Great. 4 months till all hell is let loose on the cats, and the cupboards get emptied.
  10. My little trooper turns 1 in a weeks time. We bought him a few nice toys, and some books. The normal toddler type stuff. All of which he shows no interest, hed rather play with the pots and pans, bang his feet on the floor and generally make as much noise as possible. All of which urines of the neighbours no end. :lol:

    If he feels that the TV is getting more attention than him, he'll just unplug it and crawl off in a huff.

    How can something so small create so much schitt? :?

    :D SK
  11. My son is a firm believer in the policy of it should all be on the floor
    If you have it He wants it

    bit worried that he seems transfixed by adverts for girls toys
  12. Why does babies shit stink more than adults?