My little soldier

My son was born nine months ago,Little guy was not planned but he is my little soldier and I love him so much. We kept trying to think of suitable names However after careful deliberation we decided on Nicholas Don, ND as his initials a total fluke, I find it hilarious but Other half doesnt find it funny, does she need a sense of humour transplant
Look mate the child’s not yours i have it on good authority that either the Regimental family’s officer or 3 Para’s mortar platoon did the honours



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There worse initials: there is a Mr FAT Blabber in the Guildford Area Telephone directory - his parents must have been v niave.

Is that young ND desecrating the union flag? If so please take a better photo of him and post it so we can all go "ahhh!"
Our sons have the intital Mad jenkins & Bad Jenkins, my husband finds it extremely funny, he chose there names too, I'm sure he did it intentionally...... 8O Beth
I knew a lunatic at school who chose personally chose Andrew as his catholic confirmation name, purley so his initials would read T W A T

Obviously one of those self-hating gwars....

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