No Black boots!!! Next you will be telling me Napoleon is not at Londons doorstep! Or cruising in my Danners on exercise was acceptable.
Pack Compeed (heel). Your feet will be soft, it will be the heel that will go first. if it's the toes... wrong size boots or poor lacing.
Buggered if I know, Boudica was my CO!
Older than me, in my day Sharpe was my Lance Jack and the POL point was a haystack
Older than me, in my day Sharpe was my Lance Jack and the POL point was a haystack
Sprog.... mind you I never got any overseas medals due too being to busy fighting the Royalists. My Pike drill is still spot on though (Sad to admit. on leave from BAOR I use to "Sealed Knot").
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All 23 months extra..... was offered the chance of the "Extended service"(Another year)....but 2 years was enough for me, saw NIGs come and go.
What cap badge? Up to you if you tell me
Lets get the thread back to "My list for Basic"....... get one of those tiny well built aromatherapy bottles and fill it with surgical spirit. Needle and thread and surgical spirit, great for blisters.
I have watched you young people on TV going through what we went through, you don't need this.... if your going to pass it's already within you.
MAD CONCEPT..... actually suggest good stuff for basic..... extra studs for the ammos.....or just end this thread.
Hi all,
Can anyone currently in basic confirm the actual boot polish needed.
I got some mid tan ( parade gloss SMH) some weeks back but the kit list now says dark tan?
Also for the black polish is it parade gloss or normal?
Currently week 8. Our training staff don't actually give a **** as long as its polished. I use Leder Gris for my Ex Boots, Leder Glos on Barrack boots and Black Kiwi parade gloss for your parade shoes. However it may just be down to how strict your training staff are

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