Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by janedoe, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Okay ladies and gentlemen, this is my list for basic, kindly tell me if i've left anything out,

    1) sports bras - 6
    2) shower gel
    3) shaving sticks
    4) tooth brushes
    5) being female(sanitary towels)
    6) body lotion
    7) body deodorant
    8) body spray
    9) good steam iron
    10) shoe polish
    11) shoe brush
    12) sleepwear(PJs)
    13) shower flipflops
    14) wooden hangers
    15) small black torch
    16) first aid items
    17) black permanent marker(what for though)
    18) one piece swim costume
    19) hair clips and slides
    20) padlocks.

    Okay is there anything that should be on there that isn't already, please let me know.
  2. Black Permanent marker is for marking your kit

    Missing Bits

    National Health Card
    National Insurance Card
    Birth Certificate
    Driving License ( If Held )
    8 x Passport Photos
    All GCSE Qualifications & Educational Certificates
    Bank Account Details
    Clothes washing powder
    2 Large Towels
    Face Flannel
    Cotton Buds
    Foot Powder/Cream
    Sewing Kit
    Cheap Waterproof Watch
    Alarm Clock
    Letter writing Kit ( Pens,Pencil,Paper,Envelopes,Stamps )
    Can of Spray Starch
    Small Penknife/Multi-tool ( blade no longer than 3" )
    Its best to use HASP type padlocks to save you locking your key in the locker
    Metre Long, Inch wide black elastic
    Warm waterproof coat

    Just some stuff i took of my kit list that wasnt on yours, May be slightly different as im off ITC. :)
  3. A decent iron
  4. Yeah im getting one of them 'the most powerful iron on the market' Bosch irons from Argos, 49.99
  5. European Health Insurance Card (For the battlefield tour abroad)
    Anti-Blister cream
    P45 (If held)
    Mobile Phone

    Are the only things I can think of that aren't on the other lists.
  6. Where do you get this eurpean health insurance card indefinite? thanks.
  7. don't forget your own ironing board! and don't take combination padlock (otherwise when your out your locker will get trashed!)

    and you will need a sense of humor, but leave the cheeky smile at home :D
  8. NHS card and EHIC are not the same; one's a little card saying EHIC on it, the other's a piece of paper with your name, address, NHS number and doctor's details on it.
  9. Bravo_Zulu, I stand corrected, I just saw NHS on one side of mine and EHIC details on the other. Made an incorrect assumption.
  10. Ordered one, also got my girlfriend put on it. Thanks guys.
  11. The army automaticly apply for one if you dont have one. i now have 3
  12. In my experience The Army dont automatically do anything, there is normally a long period of shoulder sloping and not my job attitude to be exposed to before you'll realise that its down to you to organise it yourself.

    ADMIN is not a dirty word!! :wink: